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Original title: ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” big ending: Su Rui is killed case truth exposure, the murderer is Liang Heyu Teleplay ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” big ending, this thinking that this is complete a drama of evil person, but be not such, su Rui is not good person, the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of congratulate of bridge of Li Xiaonan elder sister’s husband also is not good person, su Rui is killed the truth of the case came, the murderer is has guessed Liang Heyu.

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River who killed Xu Rui Su Rui according to dawn is broken bits not only return skinful bad water, the ability after Li Xiaonan and he marries discovers, camouflage comes out former perfect man, still have unhealthy addiction game, domestic cruel Li Xiaonan, off the rails Yu Gong, the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of blackmail bridge congratulate, kill Li Xiaonan to cheat for the design for money even protect. Final, su Rui feeds evil consequence, was killed by Liang Heyu, liang Heyu also is punished duely for him crime. 2 years ago, wine of bridge congratulate the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty was driven, plum dusk Nan says she comes, but Liang Heyu refused, leaving to look at give an accident. Liang Heyu to conserve oneself let still have plum dusk Nan carries a bag on the head, pretend the appearance that drives into her, bring about finally plum dusk Nan dies. And at that time plum dusk Nan already was pregnant, go to a hospital doing produce check to discover he suffers from congenital ventricular interval to be short of caustic however, do not suit to be pregnant parturient meeting has life risk, the doctor says that he must be stopped gravid, but she insists to want to be born. Dusk Nan is bridge congratulate Yu Rangli oneself carry Bao Zui on the head to drive be related to be discovered by Su Rui, the video that taking an accident goes extortionate Liang Heyu, liang Heyu is clear about Su Rui’s humanness, just look for a person to teach Su Rui a lesson at first, still remind Su Rui such meetings draw on a fatal disaster to oneself, dan Surui does not listen. Su Rui calls made an appointment with Liang Heyu to meet in dock of white stone beach, liang Heyu arrived the place does not see Su Rui, get off examine the car that saw Su Rui, still see the video of Li Xiaonan of his plot a murder accidentally, take away appearance of drive a vehicle then.

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Why does Liang Heyu kill the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of congratulate of Xu Rui bridge to find Su Rui to fine hill guesthouse, see him by Yu Gong stun. After Su Rui wakes, liang Heyu wants to taking appearance of drive a vehicle to talk well originally, su Rui pretends humbly, liang Heyu wanted to come loose. Issue one second to Su Rui sprinkles boiled water toward Liang Heyu however and reave appearance of drive a vehicle, then two people are hit, final Liang Heyu knocks Su Rui dead with rockery stone. Later, liang Heyu lets Zhao Yu clear the spot. Liang Heyu’s behavior can disclose eventually, li Xiaonan, Wang Cheng discovers the truth gradually, police also investigated Liang Heyu to go up personally, final Liang Heyu was caught, also told all things, be punished duely. After everything is attributed to calm, wang Cheng, Li Xiaonan was together, family discovers after Yu Gong returns the home or love her, had oneself house, live afresh. The Li Xiaonan after a year is pregnant, plum mom was released from prison, but fall ill to was not treated however, maishu takes ring for her, the family comes home to reunite with the grandma.

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