Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Why is Zhou Xiaoou exited ” flashy band ” ? ” flashy band ” he attended a few period ” flashy band ” it is first gear the band program with musical socialization, compositive band still has stage give a performance, forming a flashy band finally, have a strong lineup it may be said is big Ga gathers, the honored guest has Xiao Jingteng, Yang Chenglin, Zhang Zhenyue, letter, Yang Kun and Zhou Xiaoou to wait, however Zhou Xiaoou was exited ” flashy band ” , why? Did he enter this program a few period?

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The gull of dawn of band reason week that Zhou Xiaoou exits glitter is exited ” flashy band ” the reason is above all from since sowing group group, because Zhou Xiaoou is gregarious ability, sing a law to be not built, the reason such as opinion disaccord, be sheet be fallinged all the time that, it is to be in all the time lie equal status. The actual strength that is him next is possible, but the style is traditional, when be the same as a stage with young music person, two people difference is too big, integral result is bad. Finally is to be in with Zhou Jieqiong a group of time are counted inferior, the reason that works because of the individual again fails to come to the spot, bring about cannot be appeared on the stage by bye perform in public.

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Zhou Xiaoou’s flashy band drama attends according to Zhou Xiaoou have 5 period ” flashy band ” , return collaboration to cross Zhang Bichen, his it is good really to exit regrettablly, if continue transcribe program, believe to be able to the stage performance with good more appears. Exit ” flashy band ” still have A Duo, because body reason fails to continue to attend transcribe,A Duo is. Zhou Xiaoou, A Duo is outstanding singer, expect them two respective new work.

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