Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Year act piece ” fast stimulate 9 ” stage photo releases explosion of mine field interlink to let everybody see adrenalin The year motion that round-the-world movie industry makes piece ” speed and passion 9 ” released new stage photo and photograph of behind the curtain today, created countless booking office, a series of new classic of the miracle ” speed and passion ” series! “Fast ” familial face unprecedented strong opponent, undertook angle of life and death. The experience of big screen seeing and hearing of acme fires this summer all enthusiasm.

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From the point of the stage photo of this exposure, “Speed and passion 9 ” promote new height behavioral appearance again, go against a day to roll the limit that challenges imagination; Debris of panzer of explosion of mine field interlink flies.

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Only the fun that static picture can let people experience adrenalin hurricane. In a piece of stage photo, accept of Sa of · of peace treaty writing takes Fan Disaier in two side, their two incisively and vividly the hormonal expression in the film.

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The affiliation of new role brought solidder temperament for the film, the surprise regression of old member detonated expectation. In advanced face ” die ” Han ” renascent ” , is familiar Tokyo seaborne whether return on big screen? Enjoy besides the seeing and hearing of satisfy a craving outside, ” speed and passion 9 ” still bring more complex human relation and the plot that make a person impressive more. We will see the new negative character of fighting capacity in film, and drawing of such as rope has developed cliff and day of rocket Che Fei to wait overturn sexual occasion.

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