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Original title: Fire so old free from worry, why to encircle in buckish recreation, or so welcome getting a person? Remember seeing TV at that time in one’s childhood, free from worry already very fire, grown later, just discover her or mix euqally good-looking before, the sense that gives a person is very comfortable also. How a person so can welcome? So old, position of all corners of the country still was not decreased, taking the question of bellyful, we come over to look simply.

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Though free from worry it is person of Jilin white hill, but actually her ancestral home is in Chongqing, young she when is brought up in Beijing, 5 years old or so, because before be, a piece of picture was taken in a photo studio, be directed to take a fancy to, piece performed teleplay ” my story ” . When 7 years old, free from worry attended ” Sino-Japanese teenage singer is friendly and vocal contest ” , depend on a when sing finally ” send off ” , successful promotion whole nation 3 strong.

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Piece performed teleplay ” the home with close sheet ” and ” get along well ” later, free from worry acting is solid in exert a subtle influence on a lot of, accompanying later ” palace baby ” , ” new female emperor’s son-in-law ” , ” happy situation reason ” wait for a lot of movie and TV to be shown one after another, free from worry also oneself more time flowers were in play staff. General Tong Xing can make person impression very deep, this bit of advantageous nature also has disadvantage, affect to cast off this after, free from worry begin to try, receive the play of all sorts of styles, so that grow transition.

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” secret history of filial piety bank ” , ” Home Jin Fenshi ” , ” day dragon 8 ” and ” the bid farewell that connect a city ” after waiting for a lot of teleplay to show, depending on the excellent performance in drama, free from worry also harvested many reputably. 2005, modern drama of ancient costume god ” Bao Lian lamp ” centrally broadcasts 8 sets, because gut is more absorbing, carried off in those days receive inspected a list of names posted up, and happy person energy of life gets violent wind rises again.

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” dogged determination ” , ” demon unreal mobile phone ” after waiting for teleplay to be shown in succession, free from worry go out then again acted ” Lu Ding is written down ” , the princess establishing peace of this amid personate one horn, also be will sly pretty capricious deductive incisively and vividly. ” Gong Suozhu shade ” after showing, depend on in the personate in drama one the character of one evil, free from worry acting gets admissive again, and soon, when ” balefire beautifuls woman ” broadcast, this drama is behead won award of white yulan magnolia more ” most get attention teleplay award ” .

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2015, you Tangyan and Li Yifeng act the leading role jointly ” live scene is unripe sweet ” leave formally sow, this should be to be in free from worry the first time after becoming famous goes out act female 2, when the at first view when remembering becoming especially trifling some are astonished, encircling alternate of wind and cloud considering recreation nevertheless always is very fast, also did not think however later a lot of. It is to be stemmed from many times probably think, soon free from worry autograph made an appointment with atelier, join in succession acted ” Qianlong secret history ” , ” annals of high official position of kill celestial being ” and ” jubilate nark ” wait for a lot of teleplay.

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Although say this a few years free from worry without what activity very big also movement appears, but actually only one charges the woman that swing in recreational group as a child and character, most propbably nowadays also herself wants these, after all, feel climb roll dozen of for a long time, early cleared already right what is the heaviest oneself if it were not for?

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Field of fame and gain, why can let a lot of people feel yearning, because was full of all sorts of temptation,no more than is, but understanding a likelihood to be able to feel free from worry more more is the sort of very lucid person, from theoretic tell, sheet talking repairs a heart she also should repair pretty long. The more low-key person, have a lot of good quality the more instead, send more in social conduct blundering today, can well doing his had been very hard work, abstruse in to!

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