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Original title: Song Jia’s furrow, yan Tao’s mole, how much to hit ” wear heavy make-up ” the face of female star As ” between the world ” faithful audience, tomato gentleman from the beginning that seek theatrical work, have a surprizing discovery: The part in drama does not divide men and women, it is to be below the circumstance of the lens that do not have filter almost, pure white colour piece act. Tell the truth, in this filter lens namely justice, the times that beautiful Yan Jizhen manages, very rare actor wants oneself inornate one side, reveal before camera lens, especially actress. But the actress in this drama, mostly one element after all, use the face of day of day of a piece of element colour only, accurate and clinking and ground of meticulous in a subtle way, explained a part to be in not contemporaneous different position. Next, tomato gentleman gives authority dish a dish ” between the world ” in the actress of 8 element Yan Chujing, their some is played the part of intentionally ugly, some all shows old state, return some to reveal a flaw, but careful scrutiny comes, however one more good-looking than.

20220303020111 62202167924a7

The 8th, fang Yueqiao (act the role of Sun Xiaoning) Sun Xiaoning the figure in drama, do not calculate going up is a belle. She falls in the circumstance that knows perfectly well legitimate child of knot of grasping elder brother, go up even driving do to the family small 3 when, many audiences say her is ” ugly person much make trouble ” .

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Because, even if is to be in 19 years old when be worth green time, the Zheng Juan that she also cannot coexist with appearance appearance and charm places on a par.

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Of Sun Xiaoning ” ugly ” , one part results from she ” know 3 when 3 ” harsh tone; One part results from, she is raunchy give looking glass as to the element colour that defames his painstakingly therefore. Tell true, besides this drama, tomato gentleman does not think really, still which drama dare let a top wear black rim of the eye, risking hour of band of small acne, hair to be in drop the girl of the brim, confidence is done centuply 3. Nevertheless, because,be of this in person simple and unadorned, ground of do a familiar work with ease of Sun Xiaoning ability is reductive, the character with that due time is temperamental.

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Act Sun Xiaoning’s Fang Yueqiao, the Yan Zhibo that in actual life is a be worthy of the name actually advocate. Say none exaggeratively, sun Xiaoning is dressed up mediumly in drama, absolutely meeting overturns her aesthetic acknowledge, but she still is revealed for the audience gave as far as possible true Sun Xiaoning. See the picture in her reality, see her be in again ” between the world ” medium stage photo, can say only: Won’t play the part of ugly Yan Zhibo advocate not be good actor.

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The 7th, king art buddhist (act the role of Wu Qian) in heart of a lot of audiences, wu Qian this character, from the start follows ” beautiful ” touch not above.

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She justs to come on the stage, was exposed by Chun Yan the little secret that should shave everyday, the characteristic of much wool disease, let her provide temperament of a pair of man quite.

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And, she always shows a person with bingle, often still carrying a big voice on the head, picture auspicious forest complain at random like elder brother’s wife, everywhere shout. With marital matrimony, also get one ground chicken feather too, not be to be in the process that quarrel even if fighting.

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More important is, she still has harmed the grasping elder brother when be in distress, also brought about grandpa secondhand die, the person is set also is not very denounce happy event.

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Come so, audience hard to avoid can feel, she is a Biao Han’s unjustifiable marketplace woman.

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Can look carefully, wu Qian also is a beauty embryo that is set to delay by makeup hair and person actually child. Other do not say, sheet is her carrying a piece of pure white on the head colour face, can control all sorts of bingle modelling this, not be informal a middleaged woman can accomplish. More what is more,the rather that, she is in the dress in drama, also be how rustic how to wear.

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In fact, the Wang Yi buddhist that acts Wu Qian is really beautiful also, many people she grows boast so that resemble ” elder sister of the most beautiful harbor ” Yuan Yong appearance. She has expressed to thank to this, did not put on the heart however. As an actor, she blossoms wantonly without the appearance advantage that holds her, go discovering the disposition characteristic of the part endeavors to model however. Such ” drama casts a face ” , deserve the attention of the audience and praise.

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The 6th, huang Xiaolei (act the role of Qiao Chunyan) Qiao Chunyan the appearance appearance in drama, like be being set in the person in drama with her, early days lets a person times feeling Jing is colourful, later period makes a person extremely open-eyed. Young period, her Huang Xiaolei does not have personate how to make up. But plait of those two pitch-black and shock fried dough twist on her head, can says ” reduce age expression implement ” , let a person believe she is marriageable the virgin that did not marry.

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After marrying, the Qiao Chunyan that youth is permeated with, became to be pestered by housekeeping the middleaged woman of the body. She has no alternative the ground says with grasping elder brother, oneself to go to the lavatory, when leaving old braid to cut, the audience is lying between screen, be in feel for her regrettablly.

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The bingle that is forced to stay, swallow of for company spring spent a paragraph of long abjection period. Till later career improvement, life improves, she just is driving tide, harbour rose ” modern ” in long wavy hair.

20220303020115 6220216b31054

Do not rely on the makeup look on the face, sheet relies on metabolic hairstyle, go showing the different temperament with not contemporaneous part, not be an easy thing to the actor, but Huang Xiaolei still is violated none and the part that shaped to differ with each passing day.

20220303020115 6220216b3d5fe

Especially finally a few collect, qiao Chunyan two hair on the temples are greying, lacklustre appearance, make a person open-eyed indeed unceasingly. But one say one, be this changeful hairstyle and the natural face that do not use powdery black, highlighted Yan Zhi glamour of Huang Xiaolei, also showed her outstanding acting.

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The 5th, xu Baihui (act the role of Yu Hong) the Yu Hong of Xu Baihui personate, go up soon, not be the belle on traditional sense. And, she from come on the stage now, had combed besides initial stage plait of double fried dough twist, the hairstyle of later period is the low bob with dye-in-the-wood old mannish. The face as a result of her slightly big, forehead slightly narrow, do not suit these two kinds of hair style. So, hairstyle also is on certain level, affected her beautiful play.

20220303020117 6220216d62ad9

Comb especially plait of double fried dough twist when, her face is in of Qiao Chunyan foil below, appear bigger. Here must say, although be in reality older than Xu Baihui two years old, but Huang Xiaolei is in the temperament in drama, compare apparently former more get the better of one prepare. Nevertheless, because Huang Xiaolei is inherent,this is not beautiful qualitative, it is because of her however in drama the part of personate, disposition more outside put, economy is more advantageous, color and garment are tasted, inevitable meeting have an easy time is middleaged the Yu Hong of funeral husband.


Of course, although Xu Baihui is in the figure in drama, cannot place on a par with Qiao Chunyan, but in reality, she still has many colour white. Want her to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses only stay was opposite hairstyle, wear was opposite the dress, changed gas field, a spell able and cheesy, collect is dignified and intellectual the temperamental belle at a suit, can appear in the audience awesomely at the moment. Tomato gentleman puts her colour value rank before Huang Xiaolei, be in because of her namely ” between the world ” in, change for oneself with outstanding acting went up the most beautiful makeup look.


The 4th, hu Lianxin (the that act the role of Feng) the Hu Lianxin of personate Feng , it is the amount to in drama is not much 00 hind actress, besides age advantage, the identity with beautiful school makes fun of in her, also the Yan Zhi advantage that enough highlights her. More what is more,the rather that, with the great majority in drama actress is small-town makeup build photograph comparing, the her fleeciness air bang, dress that all shows fashion, the appearance that is her graces many. This also is why, although the person in drama sets Feng to be not denounced,be fond of, but still can have a lot of audience boast she: The United States does not open his eyes to move letting a person.


But tell the truth, hu Lianxin is permeated with in drama beautiful temperament, did not attract tomato gentleman. Contrary, often see her then Zhang Mei gets not quite appropriate face, tomato gentleman can have a kind of feeling that gives play, feel she a bit unlike the person of that time. After all, it is teen-age age likewise, the fashionable sense that Feng instinctive quality shows and Sun Xiaoning are elaborate deductive time feeling, formed bright contrast.


Nevertheless, tomato gentleman or ” between the world ” in Yan Zhimei gave her the 4th times female. Because,be, she is really inherent beautiful qualitative, the life in reality is attended go up very melting.


2 because,be, cast however hairstyle and dress do not say, she has very long period of time in drama, also be pure white Yan Chujing. Quarrel with the mother run away from home in that play, mole was shown on her face, the skin also rose on mouth.


The 3rd, song Jia (act the role of Zhou Rong) 2002 year, song Jia has two heat to sow drama and audience to meet, one is years theatrical work ” between the world ” , one is fashionable dress drama ” full-dress ” .


Compare at ” full-dress ” in, gas field a standard-sized sheet, makeup look is delicate and the Chen Kaiyi that the garment tastes scamper to crack, ” between the world ” the Zhou Rong in, did not depend on the temperamental conquer audience of simple nature at the beginning. Instead is Zhou Rong capricious and selfish person is set, caused the be furious of many audiences. Make everybody implicative wear, to the Song Jia of personate week Chengdu, also produced a lot of opinions.


Actually, set an issue besides the person beyond, everybody is right Song Jia’s appearance somewhat controversy, also not be an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. After all, one passes the actress of 40, making up, below the circumstance that does not have United States colour and filter lens, go personate a girl of 20 years old, what cause an audience really easily is unwell. Tomato Jun Zhi still remembers to now, when Zhou Rong just came on the stage, sunken eye socket, outstanding law grain and cracked lip. If not be gut hard sunken, who can believe she is a rustic preceptress of many years old 20?


But what must say is, besides the age abrupt, song Jia still is in drama, zhou Rong’s selfish and capricious disposition impression, depict ground keen. More important is, the literary girl that she still gets on Zhou Rong to be behaved the hardest personally is temperamental, also acted to come out.

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Do not talk about strange flower person to set, do not talk to be played the part of forcibly tender, element colour gives the Song Jia of lens, with preeminent acting, how much to hit to wear heavy make-up the face of actress?

20220303020115 6220216b792a5

The 2nd, sui Junbo (act the role of Hao Dongmei) Sui Junbo is set in the person in drama special denounce happy event, the virtue market that she beautifuls Zhou Rong and Zheng at a suit, proper slam the door the confine on two person. And, she what be born at senior officer family, the enervated that does not have a bit and proud. She does not have blame everyone and everything but not oneself when parents is abjection, she also is done not have when parents is proud carefree bring an order, allow when to be awaited, she is being used tough with goodness, will face oneself life.

20220303020115 6220216bbdb56

Profit from denounces happy person to set, also the appearance with free from vulgarity profit from and temperament, sui Junbo is in drama the Hao Dongmei of personate, love by the audience. Tomato gentleman is not exceptional also, no matter be the green period that sees her making up plait of fried dough twist, still combing the middleaged period of horsetail plait, or is the senile period with two greying hair on the temples, feel special pleasing to the eye. But the Sui Junbo expression in drama, far more than raise a key point so simple, she is meticulous in drama the acting of in a subtle way, constant regular meeting lets tomato gentleman feel, she and part already be in harmony is an organic whole.

20220303020115 6220216bdeeed

Be worth what carry is, before paragraph time tomato gentleman still sees, sui Junbo released a paragraph to dance on gregarious platform video. Tell true, if not be place of saw with one’s own eyes,see, still believe hard really, the sister-in-law of temperamental Wen Wan, can jump out actually the dancing that such interest explodes. Come so, sui Junbo’s acting, was worth to speak highly of more.

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The first, yan Tao (act the role of Zheng Juan) beyond question, had looked ” between the world ” audience, most metropolis resembles grasping elder brother in that way, be abundanted the colour place of flourishing age beauty of peach conquers. In be different from drama other woman role, it is the means that surprises with be not being had flatly comes on the stage, abundant the Zheng of peach personate beautifuls, the beautiful colourful degree when appearing, arrived simply the condition that incivility does not inspect. And, give out what Jing is day person to plaint to invite an audience as far as possible, the director still forces the perspective of grasping elder brother to the audience, come on stage below the wrap up of peach letting abundant in lambency and filter lens.

20220303020116 6220216c2a281

Nevertheless, the lambency that Yan Tao enjoys alone and filter lens, be confined to her to come on the stage for the first time. She is mixed later other actress is same, or is element Yan Chujing, or is weak makeup appear. So that, in a lot of camera lens, the mole on the furrow of her canthus, mouth, clear and visible. But even if is such, the audience still passes through perfect Zheng Juan, peek Yan Tao is in not of be puzzled year charm and glamour.

20220303020116 6220216c4e8db

Dan Yantao is in this drama, most let tomato gentleman of gasp in admiration, not be the sample that her charm still collects, however the acting of her high degree of professional proficiency. As the mother, when be informed a son to have ungrateful tendency, she is met from fan hand,

20220303020116 6220216c624f2

As the daughter-in-law, when the mother-in-law that sees old serve leaves the world, she can cry loudly,

20220303020116 6220216c7a9a6

As the wife, the eye looks at the husband be about to when put in prison, growl of force of hoarse of her meeting sound…

20220303020116 6220216c98024

Apparently look, zheng Juan is an effeminate woman, dan Yantao is in however each the moment of truth, showed the strength of part heart properly. Let big family letter take thereby, one manages old middleaged woman for the family, the different responsibility that should assume to different family place.

20220303020116 6220216cbdb34

When other and middleaged actress is bemoaning to be able to act without play, yan Tao proved with her transcendental acting, she greeted herself to act already art the gold period of the career. Before paragraph time, she still goes up in gregarious platform, basked in the abdominal muscle that she sends closely, absolutely beautiful figure, offend so that netizens envy clinking. Do not go cannot be being restrained kink is facial and anily, go paying close attention to the figure that can charge and the acting that can promote however. Such actor, it is difficult to want to be not liked by the audience.

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With 8 actress that hanging wall nods, be in ” between the world ” the makeup hair in is very simple, almost with pure white Yan Chujing they, in this drama, concealed the ground to show his flaw none. No matter be square Yue tall,do not have rare appearance flatly, old state of beautiful of the Song Dynasty uses up the color that show, still abundant peach does not calculate on beautiful labial mole, go up in certain level, reduced their Yan Zhi. But what tomato gentleman wants to say is, wear a skin than be being mixed at impeccable filter lens, as an actor, what need more is spotless acting. (editorial office of film sodden tomato: Contain pistil)

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