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Original title: The uncle of great minds mature slowly people mode of open bully screen 20220303020643 622022b39ea2a 20220303020643 622022b3c02b0 20220303020643 622022b3d5c11 Recently two years, the wind direction that movie and TV encircles changed it seems that: The drama anthology that the TV station broadcasts abandons inviting discharge actor or artist gradually when leading role, then actor of clique of many reinstate actual strength carries key link to act the leading role. A batch in recent years by explode the Mesozoic Era actor that energy of life of person of money theatrical work rises urgently is frequent ” load ” , have the power of bully screen greatly even. In them, somebody ploughs in essence of modern drama arena old, after changing movie and TV to the circle rise abruptly quickly, actual strength of big beautiful hard nucleus; Somebody ever was when Gong Xiaoxian flesh, dormancy greets acting suddenly to erupt for years; Ceng Zhuan notes somebody at the film, after transition performs teleplay, became in an instant ” sweet pastry ” … in the final analysis, want to have acting only, the uncle with thick flesh of coarse of recreational group skin people, also can have spring! Thunder favorable reply: “Former husband elder brother ” open year of bully screen 2017, by right of ” my before half a lifetime ” in ” former husband elder brother ” Chen Jun lays one part, leap up of thunder favorable reply is red for ” discharge old boy ” . Before this, his famousest part is Ning Hao film ” case of gold big disaster ” medium ” small northeast ” . Thunder favorable reply ever sighed with emotion in associate with interview, oneself are originally forward ” old show bone ” directional him requirement, but but good play can hand only normally when red actor, “Look for oneself oneself do not look, of own settle on do not search again, can not become high only low not ” . Did not think of by ” former husband elder brother ” explode the 2nd red year, thunder favorable reply cast off those to be not become high low not city drama is warm male, broken bits is male, small man figure, part type abounds gradually rise: ” peaceful restaurant ” in the Wang Dading that has Yong Youmou; ” old boy ” in the old boy Shi Fei of hopeful humour; ” Chang’an 12 time ” medium undesirable handsome Zhang Xiaojing… he still is in at the same time ” embroider spring knife: Field of long Luo Zhan ” ” overtime sky lives together ” ” assassinate fictionist ” in waiting for the film, showed not common acting, also can be in put together art ” the limit is challenged ” with the do a job with skill and ease in activity of of all kinds business. Without doubt, of the part tall finish degree of high exposure with figure to spend scrape up of the favorable reply that it is thunder public praise, subsequently and those who come is to hold the market option in the hand. Year after year of his performance career it may be said involves new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, cooperative group is bigger card, receives part has depth more: Last year, he is in thematic drama ” exploit ” in personate first ” republican decoration ” gainer, nuclear physics learns a Yu Min one horn, performance relaxation has degree, win support countless; Just left this year year, thunder favorable reply achieves bully hold — of the main actor ” between the world ” ” meet season ” two big play, broadcast in archives of TV station gold at the same time. Former be CCTV open year of big play, latter criterion by ” country drama surveyor’s pole ” noonday sunshine manufactures. Guo Jingfei: “Noonday sunshine ” it is the good friend that Baile Guo Jingfei is Lei Jia sound. Two people are in Shanghai the acquaintance when Thespian institute reads, bosom friend, it is the colleague of center of art of Shanghai modern drama, the unknown to public that experienced nearly 10 years in circle of movie and TV likewise period. But differ with thunder favorable reply, guo Beijing flying person ” modern drama young prince ” , took award of lion of Chinese drama gold, Zun Lin the modern drama group such as award of modern drama art is big award. Guo Jingfei encircles first time to give a group in a small way in movie and TV is 2014, he caught up with the east wind that net drama erupts greatly, acted the leading role to take subject matter advantage ” dark black person ” , be familiar with by the audience. Begin from 2017, guo Jingfei and noonday sunshine are built on line, career of open movie and TV flies the way that rise. Interesting is, guo Jingfei can capture the propagandist heat of every drama almost: By 2017, he is depended on ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” ” Ka Fennan child ” Pu Yangying one horn, in gregarious network leap up red, of the part ” gloomy and cold wind ” expressional bag blots out the sky and cover up the earth; 2019, he is depended on explode money theatrical work ” Dou Ting is good ” one horn behead obtains medium Su Mingcheng the 25th Bai Yulan award is optimal male costar award, “Graph your age is old, graph you do not bathe ” make network gold sentence; 2020, the 12 collect playlet that he presents as leading role to act the leading role ” I am Yu Huan water ” broadcast, perform work after the nobody confronts middleaged crisis ” doomsday is orgiastic ” ; 2021, he is in ” hill sea affection ” in personate Fujian takes off deficient cadre Chen Jinshan, readily ” Fujian mandarin ” become heat giving a group. By last year, ” adversary ” sow, of Guo Jingfei and Tan eminent personate ” history go up the most miserable emissary husband and wife ” accident circle pink, two people ” Fu of Shi Mi Si Fu ” performed the lay husband and wife round fuel revolve, this kind of contrast is explained so that Zhang Chi has degree, in becoming netizen mouth ” middleaged and elegiac ” . Guo Jingfei is become most joint performance ” funeral is ” the actor of middleaged man, after all the more than joyous water of his personate, also ever funeral gave new height. Zhang Yi: Zhang Yi is sought letting his growing Zhang Yi also is from the modern drama the group starts, enlisted in army 2006 at coming 1997 at group of modern drama of comrade-in-arms of ministry of politics of Beijing military region. Compare thunder favorable reply and Guo Jingfei, the starting point that Zhang Yi encircles in movie and TV is very high, performed Kang Honglei at was being received 2006 hold those who guide is famous army brigade drama ” soldier assault ” , personate monitor Shi Jin. 2009, he goes out again performed theatrical work of famous war of resistance against aggression ” my colonel my group ” . Although Zhang Yi is in teleplay of two phenomena class,brush sufficient existence to feel, but former hold in both hands red is Wang Baojiang, latter is held in both hands red paragraph of Yi Hong. The teleplay that act goes out a few years in sequel in, zhang Yi even if is hero, also be gold ” greenery ” , its topic heat differs bit of duration from beginning to end: He acted the leading role ” hot Mom is being passed ” , but what give a group finally is ” hot Mom ” grandson couple; He acted the leading role ” female not powerful day nots allow ” , what give a group finally is ” big reporter ” the sea is clear; He acted the leading role ” good lord ” , heat is divided to go by another hero Li Chen however half. Nevertheless, zhang Yiyong is far not urgent not impetuous, hardheaded perform good play. Till 2017, he just depends on what cooperate with abundant peach ” chicken feather flies on a day ” behead obtains optimal hero of award of the 23rd white yulan magnolia award, 10 years when ended drama market group ” accompany run ” road. 2015, by the film ” dear ” take prize of the 30th golden pheasant after award of optimal male costar, zhang Yi also begins to be in moviedom ” load ” . Especially recently two years, zhang Yi and Zhang Yi are sought in ” a second ” ” over cliff ” ” sharp-shooter ” cooperate 3 times, let its acting get space of huge put to good use, ” over cliff ” more let him win award of the 34th golden pheasant optimal hero award. From moviedom ” optimal male costar ” arrive ” optimal hero ” , zhang Yi used 6 years. After gaining industry reputation, no matter be,still be in teleplay in the film, show share of Zhang Yi becomes more arduous. Pan Yueming: Not urgent not the opportunity such as impetuous 2006, ” capital smoke cloud ” ” Gong Yifang ” ” white snake is passed ” broadcast in CCTV one after another, what make fun of as 3 is male, pan Yueming has greatly become a gleam of small unripe trend. But did not think of, begin from 2008, pan Yueming was become ” SOHO ” , did not sign broker company for a time, the career puts delay, the person enrages those who did not have work to prop up, be forgotten inevitably by the audience gradually. That year, pan Yueming and Dong Jie get married, parturient second year, two people are called the Jin Tongyu that recreation encircles female. 2012, two people experience unpleasant divorce disturbance, of Pan Yueming act art career almost backwater, 10 years ago ” accurate a gleam of ” little strange place becomes Yao cannot be reached. Mr. Pan disposition is not fortunately urgent not impetuous, do not have working day, curtilage the home keeps calligraphy, picture, cultivate one’s morality raises a gender. 2017, the suspense inference drama that Pan Yueming acts the leading role ” white night is chased after fierce ” become suddenly explode money theatrical work, his one person cent acts the role of twin brother to close Hong Feng, Guan Hongyu, disparate kidney explanation gets by superb, let audience meaning still was not used up. Who can think of, ” white snake is passed ” in Bai Yi waves wave ” God ” Xu Xian is returned to once more, can turn the belt on the face into scar, acting Oh ” middleaged uncle ” . After two years, the another famous IP that Pan Yueming greets professional career — ” ghost blows the lamp ” series: He is to be in first ” angry fine West Hunan ” perfect deduced ” old a blind person ” Chen Yu building, comprised with Zhang Yuqi, Jiang Chao later new ” feel Jin Tiesan part ” . The Hu Bayi of Pan Yueming personate, the part is reductive degree extremely tall, 0 difference judge acting it may be said. Current, ” Long Ling confuses hole ” ” Yunnan bug cereal ” already broadcasted, ” Kunlun god palace ” ” hill of Wu Xia coffin ” ” Nanhai puts in ruins ‘s charge ” still go up in the road. “Hu Bayi ” change ” fat 81 ” , also become a netizen to heat up the focal topic that discuss in recent years. The Pan Yueming that ground connection enrages loves to share the life, do not evade talk about weight, nevertheless he appears to bask in cate, edge to reduce weight in the edge forever. Qin Hao: Successful transition TV is encircled this year is Qin Hao into go the 20th year. Recently 5 years, qin Hao patted 10 teleplay, the teleplay amount total that takes before the amount compares him 15 years is even much. The audience that familiar movie and TV encircles knows, ceng Zhuan of Hao of the Qin Dynasty is noted at film, and it is literary a male god, the main actor’s film does not calculate small numerous, but not be pure business piece, lack national flow, include: ” Qing Gong ” ” the night that spring breeze gets drunk ” ” sunshine Chongqing ” ” thing of float city mystery ” ” massage ” ” the person that enter ” wait. Qin Hao’s label is acting masterly, temperamental melancholy, not ground connection is angry. Without doubt, of the marriage that those who let fall to the ground of Hao of the Qin Dynasty is he and Yi Nengjing, daughter be born, and subsequently and the domestic sense of responsibility that come. 2017, the net drama that Qin Hao acted the leading role to be the same as a novel to adapt by violet Jin Chen ” the blame that does not have card ” , gut is cut from the guilty motive of case backside character, spread out human nature torturous, setting of details of a case also sets out from actual society problem more, can says in those days a Qing Dynasty of suspense drama flows. Literary Hao of male god the Qin Dynasty this ” go into business ” suffer audience affirmation fully, netizen appeal allows his many histrionic part. Be wherefrom year begin, open of Hao of the Qin Dynasty many attempt that drama anthology encircles: In ” rob a tomb takes notes ” series is expeditionary drama ” Sha Hai ” in personate Wu Xie, in city drama ” river river water ” in director of personate port office, the army brigade drama in noonday sunshine ” we young ” in personate soldier… Qin Hao is encircled in drama anthology after essence of life ploughs 3 years, explode the paragraph appeared. 2020, ” secret corner ” broadcast, the Zhang Dongsheng of personate of Hao of the Qin Dynasty makes the shadow of many audiences, complete theatrical work opens an abnormal picture that he turns farther-in-law, mother-in-law downhill cliff to let a person shudder, “Accompany you to climb ” stalk fire alls over entire network. After this drama broadcasts, qin Hao begins to do business ceaselessly, receive put together art madly: ” happy base camp ” ” the actor asks perch ” ” the congress that spit groove ” ” run ” … he is mentioned without one exceptional metropolis ” take you to climb ” . The near future, qin Hao continues to performing teleplay, with ” small jubilate ” director Wang Jun cooperated ” room learning an area ” , acted the leading role of Mei Sen of well-known screenwriter week make newly ” big gain weichis ” . Yu Hewei: Photodrama collect all breaks through Yu Hewei is ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” pink, before his professional career 20 years, most the part of humanness take delight in talking about is in just about ” new the Three Kingdoms ” in the Liu Bei of personate. 2016, costar career of Yu Hewei greets a favourable turn, he is in in those days explode drama of tactics of paragraph ancient costume ” the counsellor of Si Mayi of main forces division is allied ” in personate Cao Cao, won award of the 24th white yulan magnolia by right of this part award of optimal male costar. To with Wei character, sense of this bear the palm is great. He takes on later male teleplay adds gradually much: ” below one station, take leave of ” ” hunt poisonous person ” ” court of decide the issue of the battle ” ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” wait for drama going up the star is defended inspect broadcast. The drama anthology edition that he still gets attention in equipment even ” 3 body ” in personate Shi Jiang. Compare nevertheless under, yu Hewei is true conflagration is last year, he is in explode money theatrical work ” arousal time ” in personate Chen Duxiu, the revolutionary cacique temperament of the part is taken to hold those who die to death by Yu Hewei, he and Chen Yan year, the revolutionary filiation of old Qiao Nian also touchs countless people. Yu Hewei eventually award of will white yulan magnolia is optimal ” male costar award ” , changed ” hero award ” . 2021, yu Hewei also makes a contribution somewhat in moviedom. He is first in movies of He Sui grade ” assassinate fictionist ” in Li Mu of personate allergy Boss, with Zhang Yi then cooperative ginseng performed Zhang Yi to seek hold guide ” over cliff ” . Be nominated at depending on this with Wei golden pheasant award is optimal hero award, although be defeated by Zhang Yi finally, but his performance still is affirmed by the audience. Link ” gold costar ” never absent in recent years, recreational group still has a batch of person to enrage the costar uncle that rises urgently, although they are not ” big male advocate ” , but of personate every ” nobody ” , make an audience photographic, strike the table and shout bravo. A lot of actors are in suffer the habit when visitting to say a word: “Without small part, have young actor only. ” without doubt, these gold costar uncle, it is ” small part, great actor ” delegate. Yi Jun of Liu Yijun Liu is ” noonday department ” hold red actor in both hands: He is to be in first ” parental love ” ” north is smooth without war ” water tries in the drama that waits for noonday sunshine, follow-up show share gradually arduous. 2015, liu Yijun is in explode money theatrical work ” the person that pretend ” in the army all secret service with cruel and evil, suspicious natural disposition holds personate concurrently v/arc drillmaster Wang Tianfeng, be in then ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” in personate the Ning Guohou of very grave, experienced and astute thanks tall weight, scheming jade. After figure of solid villain in drama of consolidate of Liu Mr Yi, in ” he came, close a key point please ” ” surgical wind and cloud ” also personate villain in drama. Interesting is, recently two years, road of play of Liu Yijun change, no matter be ” sweep black storm ” medium ” He Yong ” , or ” germinant ” medium ” Zhang Cheng ” , deduce the police of just stern, also be to the model has kind. The identity that article of Zhang Song of Zhang Song article is familiar with for the person most before this has two, one is performance teacher; Another is Lou Ye’s actor, had participated in ” the night that spring breeze gets drunk ” ” flower ” ” the cloud that there is a rain to do in wind ” ” Lan Xin great theater ” etc. The thing that the acting of Zhang Song article is seen by the masses also is recently two years, ” secret corner ” it may be said is complete scamper cracks an acting, he of personate Zhu Yongping, it is the delegate that acting of fine reduce expenditure sends, smoking, hit mahjong, eating syrup is play. Last year, he is in ” revolutionary ” in the Li Dazhao of healthy atmosphere of personate a suit, also left deep impression to the audience. In recent years, acting contest performs popularity of kind of put together art, zhang Song article is in ” acting is sent ” ” I am an actor the 3rd season ” in hold the position of performance teacher, increased topic exposure to spend for him, also gain more job opportunity for him. Wangyan brightness Wang Yanhui gives a group for the first time is in the film ” heart of burning sun bright ” in personate murderer, come on the stage momently that presented a convict to tear off abnormal expression, can calls this title occasion. Every small part that Wang Yanhui performs makes an audience impressive: ” I am not medical god ” medium false drug dealer; ” anonymous generation ” medium estate boss; ” marvelous old father ” in the father that drives a taxi… be seen by the market as acting, wang Yanhui makes fun of in the part in teleplay portion gradually arduous. ” small jubilate ” medium Ji Shengli one horn, let Wang Yanhui mix a face before televiewer ripe. Recently a year, he more begin to perform leading role in teleplay, cooperated with Ou Hao ” craven ” , cooperated with Yan Ni ” dear pa Mom ” . Costar of Wang Jinsong gold has extremely strong role to control normally ability, wang Jinsong is the delegate of much drama road: He is in ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” in the Yang Jinshui of personate, be called ” nearly 30 years of Chinese the first eunuch ” ; He is in ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” in the Yan Hou of personate as form of a address for an official or rich man, honest and frank of disposition not seek fame and wealth; He is in ” the action that break ice ” in, criterion suddenly change one’s identity is become cruel and evil ” big poisonous ambitious ” . Wang Jinsong still is frequenter of Cultural Festival purpose, ” nature science is wonderful night ” ” a good book ” ” national treasure ” ” adjacent home notes on poets and poetry ” ” the China in ancient codes and records ” in, have his figure. Wu Gang regards one class as the actor, wu Gang already had taken award of lion of Chinese drama gold, golden pheasant prize optimal hero is award, white yulan magnolia award is optimal the important award such as male costar award. Everybody cannot forget Wu Gang ” the eyes kills ” : ” people’s name ” in amount to health secretary, see you have terrified with respect to the heart. ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the Chen Ping duckweed in is same eyes swift and fierce, sit on wheelchair to be measured hard murkily, expression all hides calculation. Same, his every time comes on the stage can bring a kind of sense to the audience — dovish, no matter be ancient costume play, time show or modern play, wu Gang comes on the stage, it may be said is not angry from power. Ni bright red Ni Dagong is actor of courtyard of Chinese country modern drama, the big Ga of modern drama bound. But arrived in drama of movie and TV, ni Dagong performs minor role all the time, from ” tall home courtyard ” Sun Maocai, ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” Yan Song, to ” border land wind and cloud ” small how father, ” below open door ” close uncle, share of Ni bright red show is not much, but come on the stage every time enough give prize. 2019, ni Dagong receives the tall smooth hour of career of movie and TV, by right of ” Dou Ting is good ” medium ” make old father of essence of life ” Su Dajiang one horn, behead obtains the 25th Bai Yulan award is optimal hero award. Su Dajiang’s heat up to now of brandish do not go, ni Dagong appears in other theatrical work, the netizen can brush barrage: “He should drink a hand to grind coffee. “He should drink a hand to grind coffee..

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