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Original title: Check those star that destroyed Yan Zhi because of modelling, wu Jin character is shown old, person of thunder of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song Ancient costume drama, meaning the beauty in reductive ancient costume, unluckily some of character modelling exerts oneself to do sth. excessive, lost aesthetic feeling not only, make instead actor colour is worth collapse! 1, Wu Jin character ” still feed ” recently Yu Zhengxin drama ” still feed ” sow, continued ” the strategy that delay happiness ” medium elegant filter lens, do not cross this, the Yan Zhiming of each actress shows collapse, especially Wu Jin talk is most serious, it is a little girl obviously, what the face collapses however is serious, old 10 years old more than!

20220303020704 622022c8ebad9

2, Chen Yan hopes ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Chen Yan hopes and Chen Xiao breaks up pat ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” was to destroy simply classical, the actor’s lines in saying theatrical work first is too barefaced, kiss play is too much, it is modelling only only, do not know well the small Long Nv of affairs of human life pulls next altar!

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3, Dilireba ” heart of beauty of Qin Shiming month ” Dilireba, of colour value scope carry handle, of Yan Zhizhen be able to bear or endure dozen. So natural have the female star of situation also the going-over with cannot sustain improper modelling. Be in ” heart of beauty of the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty ” in, girl of model from time to time, aunt of from time to time, it is traffic accident spot really! Especially below this modelling, small make up spit groove feebly! Although Yan Zhi still is in, but whole old ten years old ah!

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4, king Luo red ” Wei Zifu ” the woman that Wei Zifu is a quiet, beauty, but the Wei Zifu of personate of king Luo red, apparent maturity and show old. The air of king Luo Dan Mingmei of contemporary outfit, how unluckily by the hair keep out of two hair on the temples, became ” pour trigonometry ” face, indeed what Get is less than modelling division is aesthetic!

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5, Tang Yan ” the Tian Zhihen of Xuan Yuan sword ” Tang Yan makes mistake rarely in the modelling in each drama, and Tang Yan’s forehead is big, after hair boundary line leans, a lot of modelling division can be masked designedly. But be in ” the Tian Zhihen of Xuan Yuan sword ” in, ning Ke in the modelling of this one part, what exposed Tang Yan completely is affirmatory, make whole person old and without the god!

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6, Hu Ge ” the Tian Zhihen of Xuan Yuan sword ” this is afraid is Hu Ge’s only confused modelling, the hair of half black fifty, nigrescent lip, still have this bang of different color, it is simply ” terrestrial bane ” ! Look not carefully, see Hu Ge is an old handsome young man so very hard! Can say only, even if is to perform a character black change, this exaggerated modelling, also be strange flower!

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7, Guan Xiaotong ” phoenix beg feng4huang2 ” national girl Guan Xiaotong drama of this ancient costume, it may be said is groovy dot full boiler. It is a youth obviously beautiful beautiful small fairy, the top of head a sewing machine, the head big face that changes for an instant is little, also thanks to Yan Zhi of red closing dawn is able to bear or endure look, otherwise this is gotten much more fearsome!

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8, Zhang Han ” the shadow of hill sea classics is fabulous ” see be used to Zhang Han is cruel cruel every time, Shuai Shuai’s modelling, abruptly see ” hill sea classics ” when the modelling division in, true still all over one shiver. Writing elder brother this spotless face, painted strong eye picture so, differentiate degree devoid.

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9, Liu Jialing ” exceeding lofty or great is Caesarean ” ” exceeding lofty or great is Caesarean ” in, liu Jialing acts Wu Zetian, should be to enrage Jing of field a standard-sized sheet to admire originally 4 part, but modelling however it is a long story, especially this brow very take feeling, very give play, have wood, the bully gas that this where comes to, come to those who laugh do!

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10, Liang Yongqi ” on the west country of travel notes daughter ” ” on the west country of travel notes daughter ” in, liang Yongqi’s model can be described with Jing Song, face date of bloodless pink impression, the top breaks the hair border string of horizon, still have bald bright cerebrum door, too Lei Ren! This is afraid of was to displease modelling division! The Liang Yongqi of this or that beautiful beauty?

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Small finally make up want to say: Though some modelling need hyperbole, but also do not want too exaggerative, perhaps do not suit the temperament of actor itself, destroy otherwise it is a drama not merely so simple! Answer those who become actor itself directly ” stain ” .

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