Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Gu Nailiang of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of thunder favorable reply said Zhou Bingkun to come out, this is what dream linkage, laughed not to live Should talk close the heat since sows paragraph of time what does drama have, wait for a main actor by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao ” between the world ” calculate absolutely among them. Be in ” between the world ” in, zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin have stick to one’s position, bring about trip of Luo Shibin accident, rescue is invalid die, zhou Bingkun also hurts a person to be sentenced 9 years because of accidentally drop. The drama that broadcasts in 25 days of evening is centered, the Zhou Bingkun of personate of place of thunder favorable reply is released after serving a sentence eventually, after drama anthology broadcasts before long, thunder favorable reply renewed bugle call of individual socialization Zhang, dispatch expresses ” Zhou Bingkun came out ” and propaganda to the enemy at the front line Gu Nailiang!

20220303020744 622022f0a4362

Unidentified so the netizen can’ts help interrogative, what dream linkage is this? Did Zhou Bingkun come out is other people of your propaganda to the enemy at the front line dry? Original, you Leijia sound and the teleplay that Gu Nailiang cooperates ” meet season ” already sowed at leaving recently, and the drama concentration that broadcasts in 25 days of evening, the Tian Jingye of personate of Gu Nailiang place also as it happens is released from prison, this is not artful! ” meet season ” because commit a crime,Tian Jingye also is put in prison, be sentenced 3 years. Gu Nailiang is called in what see thunder good news hind, also renewed bugle call of individual company hand over the accounts, dispatch responds to: “Tian Jingye also came out! “Tian Jingye also came out!!

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Know original netizen leaves a message in succession speak: “You can go really, be it is good to discuss? Same day comes out! ” ” come out together enterprise! ” ” this belongs to dreamy linkage, here ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun came out, there ” meet season ” Tian Jingye also came out, happen to is not! Happen to is not!!

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These two people also are enough, happen plus this artful thing, solid belong to too do laughed, masses eating melon comes round to comment on in succession, you two had discussed, increased a tiny bit of sense of humor for drama indeed. Envy the feeling of two brother, do not know their what moment can a partner performs a theatrical work, everybody hits Call.

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