Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: “An unexpected winner, but public praise is pretty good ” 5 drama, you are like all to had looked, suffer little younger brother to be done obeisance to please! The 5th ” explore of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct brief do not know ” this drama, from A to Z very wonderful, and jump over jump over to ending wonderful. Story sequence of ideas, character depict, clou is not had do not actor or actress. Still have even if move burlesque to be patted too use a heart, fluent, without 3 wool specially good effect, it is the authentic knight-errant drama of appropriate appropriate. The feeling got through this work feeling a lot of before the play that has seen, thinking at the beginning is very long the old movie before, discovery is not later, can’t help gasping in admiration, very classical. Although also have a few Bug, and male advocate not quite handsome also, but the defects cannot obscure the virtues, this is a work that I am willing to make 5 stars. The rumour that expects the 2nd season silently!

20220303020803 622023030aba1

The 4th ” chess fetch ” theme is good, pat it may not be a bad idea. Mainland changes break up pat expensive in true nature, although altered,make than Yu Yuan time span and figure relationship, but not affect the whole. Smooth Ying Xian is fluent nature, touching to deep, character motive of Yu Liang slightly painstakingly, also be full of the imply of industrial saccharin with the CP of days, tool person Hong He is forced gut reduces their happen by chance a pair, from come up dramatically looking is knock is not moved really. Costar line is very concise also agile, besides too beyond a few parts of tool person, have very satisfactory character arc light, act very attractively also. The malady of homebred of course drama still exists, but still be a very outstanding work as a whole, 5 stars are encouraged.

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The 3rd ” drive grants small Wu to make ” individual experience is to be in [still go] and [pretty good really] between. Host of male and female is set quite lovely, also hold out feeling having Cp. Costar is very lovely also, like Leng Yue especially, beautiful elder sister is stuck post! Gut is inspected already sense is very strong, also not be to be guessed completely do not come out follow-up gut, but I still can follow a story to go. The likelihood is funds inadequacy, the place that can convey with camera lens more very much still used a dialogue, make the text amount of whole piece particularly large. Nevertheless, fortunately actor acting remains to promote, gut contribution is the largest, early days rhythm is first-rate, and male advocate look more jump over pleasing to the eye, his Ge Xiaojin carp part also very denounce happy event. As a whole an explore record play that still calculates sincerity.

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The 2nd ” a inch of lovesickness that the teenager swims ” can say for ages for ages to did not see so the drama of ancient costume knight-errant of the intention! Make excellent, true condition is beautiful, take change a heart, lamplight setting is exquisite, actor each acting is online, although gut is advanced,calculate slow but because be in serious ground,be however taletelling, the story that joins many appear with anther leading player besides masterstroke can let me heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, sigh continuously all living creatures is all bitter. Still have, who says male advocate grow not how? All modelling look at around Shu Xin, does direct second kill those to fly 10 class of United States colour good? Female advocate the person of good energy of life with true early days, and Yan Zhi go up to fall suddenly suddenly, calculated, they are done not have honest sweet over- , can have die a natural death I also be perfectly satisfied ~

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The first ” urban brim ” the margin that seeing wool cheat the first season and city at the same time, part respect, photograph comparing is really mature before small treasure is mixed many, before wintry winter and goosefoot Wei photograph are compared fat many, quiet more beautiful. It is to be able to bear or endure as before the play that the person thinks, the picture feels peremptory however character the change that produced to pledge. And gut respect, dapper, consecutive fraud makes a person straight breathe out satisfy a craving. What regret exclusively is, still be to cross careful, of compromise a bit much, before two collect let a person feel with a few minutes of last collect Ga, do not cross the defects cannot obscure the virtues, story clue still does not drop of cent.

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“An unexpected winner, but public praise is pretty good ” 5 drama, which a few had you seen? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss.

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