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Original title: Xu Kai, Jing Tian ” happy You Yuan ” heat is patted, army in ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror is spent ” with ” Buddha is ” emperor child collision Recently, the ancient costume drama that by young actor Xu Kai, Jing Tian presents as leading role to act the leading role ” happy You Yuan ” pat, cause the eager attention of many filmgoer. Appear a photograph to look from the road that makes public partly at present, xu Kai of main actor of two big core, Jing Tianjun already was entered group, an ancient costume dresses up, play feels dye-in-the-wood, bring so that passerby surrounds in succession view film.

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small to person energy of life unripe Xu Kai, many people speak from ” Xue Ying’s feudal lord ” hind, xu Kai is not had directly seam into group, the became Hengdian base permanent customer of appropriate appropriate. Author of this heavyweight net article, hold a lot of identity concurrently personally, and what the force of its work also considers is extensive. ” lotus Dian ” ” loneliness is empty front courtyard spring desire late ” ” crack bright and beautiful ” ” wedding day if dream ” ” if love is numerous star ” wait for large quantities of one popular work establish ” bandit I am thought of put ” the celebrated position in bound of contemporary net article.

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In addition, this young Hubei book writer also is having the double capacity of playwrite, this second ” happy You Yuan ” scriptwriter job falls on its body, of course, this is utmost on certain level lasting appeal of reductive origianl work also provided a safeguard. Look from the making ordinary members of theatrical troupe of this drama, this drama by article of celebrated director Zheng Wei hold guide, this has the person of actor, movie and TV that directs double identity, “Next administer ” ” ostentatious ” ” Qin Shiming month ” ” bright the wife of a prince sends female medical service ” ” Yun Zhifan of celestial being sword ” wait for popular work, should say, also basically be achievement to striking.

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And the modelling division of this drama holds a knife by Yi Xiaoya, this gentleman also is by no means the generation of general, she ever was made single-handed picture ” Cang Lan bid farewell ” ” on Yang Fu ” ” serve god makes ” figure figure, the preference is elegant type. Such ” with great quantity ” look from whole, ” happy You Yuan ” quality and effect won’t appear the sort of cheap of drama ” plastic feeling ” . From the point of the story framework of this drama, go on a punitive expedition, tactics, cruel theres is no lack of to love in work wait conflict element a moment, female advocate ” Cui Lin ” enrollment of acting elder brother, although be daughter of rich and powerful family but also consider the sort of ability conspicuous, kill the woman with decisive cut down ” heroine ” .

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Male advocate ” plum Yi ” expensive for emperor child, hold an abdomen concurrently black, high intelligence quotient, consistent ” Buddha is ” he of state of mind because with female advocate encounter, whole destiny contrail as also began ” fission reacts ” . Must say, such ” enrollment of acting elder brother ” , ” female strong male not weak ” clue setting, still be quite of part new idea and window. Of course, the dot of another great attention of this drama depends on a men and women advocate on the body of Xu Kai and Jing Tian, male advocate ” plum Yi ” Xu Kai of the person that act need not say oneself, a lot of people are right ” happy You Yuan ” high attention also is based on this just about young small unripe.

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The Guangdong book big boy of this model one’s previous experience, in recent years heat of it may be said is not decreased, from original ” phoenix convict feng4huang2 ” ” Yan Xi strategy ” ” ostentatious ” to ” day dance discipline ” ” there was a Ling Jianshan once upon a time ” , arrive again newest ” black horse song goes ” ” dirt of of through the ages ” ” still feed ” . The Xu Kai nowadays solemns the nova that for heat very tall, popularity rises superexcellent gradually. On the other hand, female advocate ” Cui Lin ” personate person Jing Tian, the audience is quite familiar also, this Shaanxi book female actor that is born 88 years, those who having one’s previous experience of boreal shadow regular professional training is beautiful beautiful setting.

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Although many sound ever denounced inchoate Jing Tian ” resource Ga ” become rot a queenly darkness history, but face up to ego, after having hardheaded transition ” flower of riches and honour ” the smooth shadow that waded to suit oneself gradually apparently becomes famous road. From ” big Tang Rongyao ” series arrives ” a journey that encounters love ” , arrive again ” Si Teng ” ” the city of time ” , people saw that effort on Jing Tian body and actual strength, witnessed her to perform art road to go up jointly by ugly small duckling a decay to the white swan.

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Accordingly, it is no matter rise to be in period person energy of life is little for unripe Xu Kai, the Jing Tian that still realizes transition to succeeding, this second ” happy You Yuan ” it is road of two people movie and TV undoubtedly farther ” carry qualitative synergism ” crucial one annulus. The partner that expects two young actors can collide piece another artistic scintilla, expect ” happy You Yuan ” can not lose popular confidence, achieve the new beautiful performance of ancient costume drama again.

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