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Original title: Aureola of horn of painful owner of lost property, these 6 female advocate too miserable, somebody is sullen, somebody is lifetime tired out (achieve formerly borrowed not easily surely investigate entire network thought fors the time being) give birth to miserable wind up firstly eventually, yearning freedom however tired out cease. In drama of movie and TV, leading role aureola is the idiomatic mode that audience and playwrite acquiesce jointly it seems that, if leading role can upgrade,hit only slave girl as a child quite, can the force from bare-handed grows for generation a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, also can become generation emperor from the dandy, leading role aureola adds a body, as if to did not do the thing that won’t do.

20220303020838 622023264429f

In drama, as female advocate it is OK to encounter anything trun ill luck into good, the golden finger of playwrite is female advocate golden key, whatever most dangerous places can subsist. The ancient costume theatrical work with for instance higher recently temperature ” beautiful language is endowed with ” medium female Zhu Qiuyan is such, below feudal setting, qiu Yan’s thought is completely antipathetic, she is the female’s independent delegate, also be the existence because of this figure, this drama just had a sense more.

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But such disposition features design this part, mean female advocate can get everywhere diversionary, character nature of Qiu Yan should be met originally below such setting very uneasy, but the golden finger that has scenario, she always can trun ill luck into good. The golden finger of playwrite gives leading role people attach an aureola, so the most dangerous places of whatever appearance, lead always can be dissolved easily, not be all leading role however glazed annulus blesses.

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In drama of a few movie and TV, female advocate give birth to tired out cease firstly eventually, cherish the world also bellyful is well-meaning, but be stranded however cage, cannot get freeing oneself, even some direct sacrifice. Such part looks the person is unavoidable and sadly, for them colorful however helpless lifetime feels distress is mixed regretful.

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Before paragraph time, li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi act the leading role ” lens twin city ” the topic is ceaseless, the regretful dispute between very much factitious Bai Ying and Su Mazhi feels helpless, and as female advocate this lifetime crosses Bai Ying roughly to come however extremely. She is sword emperor child, it is the sword emperor of generation of empty Sang Xin, in 10 thousand army in still can hold sword antagonism, the deep that disregards unripe gone Cang Wu for empty sea alliance removes dragon god seal.

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But ” the wife of a prince of empty mulberry prince ” the chains that this identity became her lifetime however, be just as cage to strand her amid commonly, as female advocate the existence that left to hang is it seems that in the acknowledge in us, she also once had had the right of the choice, but this lifetime still bore too much responsibility, she what be destined to serve as leading role so is unfortunate. The mission achieves answer nation, empty mulberry person lives and work in peace and contentment, green jade of shark person regression falls the sea, but Su Ma was done not have however, bai Ying’s lifetime can be in only spend to the in a state of anxiety in endless longing of Su Ma.

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Li Cheng He Chengming acts the leading role ” bend city is loved absolutely ” also be female advocate a play of aureola of horn of painful owner of lost property, in drama female advocate beautiful Li is the footloose case on Mongolia prairie originally, be stranded because of love only with Forbidden City inside, beautiful Li used his brief lifetime to love Jing Xuan, be a mass of bruises because of him however. Love each other obviously, suspect jealousy however, do not abandon obviously, torment each other however, those are bringing a ring of light the play code that all sorts of misunderstanding can remove is completely nonexistent, final she proves innocence with coming to death, miserable wind up.

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She is the stars with bright bright, be respected by 10 thousand people, she is to come softly extremely boudoir is beautiful, it is Bai Yueguang’s existence, they are the leading role in drama, lifetime of gloomy however wind up, somebody is sullen, somebody is lifetime tired out, these 6 completely painful break ring of female key light, lifetime is yearning and free happy, do not get die a natural death however. One, ” Zhou Shengru reason ” what is appropriate to the occasion

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Of Ren Jialun and white deer main actor ” Zhou Shengru reason ” can says ” BE ceiling ” , can say the person that has seen did not cry almost, complete the ending of a BE also was to become the meaning of how many person to be made the same score hard. Zhou Shengchen is to suffer 10 thousand civilian revered king, it is boy put sb on the spot becomes famous, it is the official loyal to his sovereign that of one mind defends country for the emperor, can be the object of imperial dread all the time however, it is to grant the punishment with bone more, such anguish is lying between screen to be able to be experienced.

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what is appropriate to the occasion serves as female advocate be born firstly eventually is without halo, although she gets beside the person’s protection, but make her OK contend with inequity without halo at all however. Even if she is right the love of week birthday is dark and so such, what also cannot bring a ring of light oneself like those is female advocate same, through a series of operations the place that get countervail wishs.

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what is appropriate to the occasion serves as BE what show itself in aesthetic is female advocate, can say to earn sufficient audience tear, be in especially be informed Zhou Shengchen by bone later cry play, lying between screen to feel very asphyxial. Lifetime is not maleficent, pure and kind-hearted, also be the boudoir show that be learned and courteous, it is female obviously advocate, cannot reach wish and beloved person to be together however, even if be,seek the job that staying in government office of Na Chen king also is an extravagant hopes only.

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Final, what is appropriate to the occasion is taking the love to Zhou Shengchen and longing to go up from the city wall very quickly and below, her lifetime arrives dead to did not earn emergence destiny, accompany so simple desire to also had not come true repeatedly, resemble asing if she is not female advocate, general without leading role aureola. 2, ” the Luoyang since wind ” Wu Saiyue

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Clutch is worn year of tail last year sow ” the Luoyang since wind ” in as female advocate Wu Saiyue also is without annulus of female key light, emerge in undercurrent in the Luoyang wall that use, although she is the woman’s body, but however cherish the world, of one mind handles affairs for the sage. The woman’s body but firm and persistent and courageous and resolute exceed a few men even, she loves and esteem respectable elder brother to resemble the demonstrate lamp that is her life all the time, teach her kongfu, accompany her to grow, can become last straw that collapses her however finally.

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Wu Saiyue of one mind wants Palladium too smooth, so warm blood of her have one’s bosom filled with lets a person is admire very, after encountering Gao Bingzhu, wu Saiyue’s life also had except Palladium the thing besides peace and tranquility, even if be informed an elder brother,be BOSS of behind the curtain, she also stands in just a side. As inside Mr Wei Yuehua, she must want to take next murderers, as the little sister she blocked one sword for the elder brother, was in finally in Gao Bingzhu’s bosom.

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All original ending, wu Saiyue serves as female advocate can career love double bumper harvest, with the life of happiness of Gao Bingzhu open, but what did not think of is she does not have leading role aureola at all, never had had the thing that kills a person, never also had abandoned oneself first heart, but sacrificed however finally. Wu Saiyue’s lifetime is in for Palladium common people and vivid, such character also let whole god have lease of life, but she has not touched Na Yijian however.

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Look after all much the drama that leading role aureola adds a body, never mention it one sword, some 10 thousand arrows wear a heart to still can live, also can say Wu Saiyue lost leading role aureola only, so she also is to let a person very those who feel distressed is female advocate. 3, ” Yan Xi strategy ” rich examine Rong Yin

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” the strategy that delay happiness ” on firm sense for female advocate the Wei Ying Luo that is personate of Wu Jin character, but be encircled in this drama pink also is an extremely tragic part be sound of rich examine look, qin Lan experts the tenderness of rich examine empress act extremely racily. Humanness of rich examine empress is kind-hearted, although be in each trying to cheat the other to struggle personally ceaseless hind palace, but she does not have any hearts that kill a person however, very simpatico to everybody instead, in Qin Lan the performance of gentle adn cultivated falls, this part is fresh and lively.

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Because,also be such, such Bai Yueguang’s existence became the meaning in audience heart to be made the same score hard however, when rich examine empress gets offline, look cried countless people, although develop from gut for, only she gets offline to just can Wei Ying Luo becomes a full member, but rich examine empress this character is too warm, let a person very do not abandon.

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Mother a group of things with common features serves as her of support, ought be a pair of gentle life, there is elder to be very fond of on, raise case neat eyebrow with the husband, there is children to circle genu below, happily gather under the same roof, spend lifetime footloosely. But be in tiredly deep palace in this cage, as if not to see the endless gulf of light, the lifetime that lets her wants devoir discretion, cannot differ misstep all right, serve as empress especially, mother appearance the world needs to make model more.

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Losing halo also is to give leading role resign sovereign authority, so this part just appears more full and rich, also won the jubilation of the audience, the lifetime that is her only obviously kind-hearted and pure do not get die a natural death however, let a person very idea is bad made the same score. 4, ” step by step Jing heart ” if sunlight

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Hit rollick to laugh with 10 father, drink with 13 father confabulate, quarrel with 14 father grouch, with Ming Yuge division fights, horse race of division of He Minmin division, salt is put in 4 father refreshments. Such if sunlight ases if,the carefree birdie in the sky is having his footloose one side, such she is denounced extremely happy event, extremely happy also, but at the beginning how can she think of this lifetime to be with respect to so depressed tired out in Forbidden City.

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Because witting 9 child the ending that seizes of lineal descent, she never what does excessive beg, can be such, let her compensate go up the joy of this lifetime, also let her hurt acme. During be dying if sunlight, did not wait come to last of beloved person, swallowed last tone, what break the anguish of this lifetime into pieces in associate with entirely extremely is visional in, asing if to resemble is great dream, all clarity blur again however.

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It is female obviously advocate, pass so painstakingly however, in this cage the freedom oneself and joy blocked entirely, such female advocate be without annulus of female key light. 5, ” east palace ” Qu Xiaofeng

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Respecting daughter advocate of missing aureola, ” east palace ” small maple it is to let popular feeling ache most, if say what is appropriate to the occasion jumped down a city wall finally to end the regret of this lifetime, then she is happy at least, because Zhou Shengchen waits for her, also mix because of her Zhou Shengchen’s tacit love. Dan Xiaofeng is done not have however so lucky, she ought be carefree princess, after encountering Li Cheng Yin however open of lifetime miserable.

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Clansman is destroyed, during she is acedia, jump down forget plain hind still can fail to cast off Li Cheng Yin, she ended her life to end all these finally. Carefree risible princess, she is female advocate, it is this part that has dozen of amaranthine a ring of light, but final this lifetime is gloomy still surround, the love of associate with and but the challenge that asing if to resemble is her life, let everything end, although she sacrificed, but why is not a kind of disengagement.

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This gives birth to Li Cheng Yin to also can be spent in compunction only, can serve as female advocate small maple also too let popular feeling ache, in every case has bit of leading role a ring of light, where is the golden finger that did not change a destiny how possibly? 6, ” if exemplary,pass ” if exemplary

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Zhou Xun be like exemplarying depict best come out, the Qing Ying of girl period also resembles prevailing girl same, the person that hopes move and she is beloved arrives together old, can be born in imperial home, the junior situation of she and great all previous resembles greatly is a jest. His exalted Gu is cold, she is willing to accompany him, but he is returned however finally is disappoint she the love of this lifetime.

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The reason that if exemplary,a lot of people say to fail is her too kind-hearted, also be she loved too, if she can have discriminate cruel-hearted, probably everything is different. Ke Ruyi itself is the girl of innocent goodness, even if be deep palace in, she never also has thought others of plot a murder, instead for the admonish the emperor is mixed take the interests of the whole into account dragon of broken bits of rile broken bits.

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Junior the love that the free when thinks of to the head comes also is her restrict one only, give birth to her to pass happily firstly eventually, but final tired out also makes her disappointed come extremely, her dress is so dignified that day, dress up delicate, sat on the chair to be asleep. This sleeps should be to comfort auspicious, should be happiness, because she can leave eventually,this stranded the prison of the love of her lifetime.

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It is the woman of innocent joy originally, strand because of place of the responsibility that be mixed by love however, give birth to be frustrated tired out firstly eventually, or sullen, or leave by oneself, also or restrict one him captivity, became free victim. These a few female advocate all one’s life too let popular feeling ache, although be leading role aureola of horn of painful however owner of lost property, hold completely without little gold finger accuse, miserable with the regret meaning letting a person is made the same score hard.

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Of course, the leading role that is manacled in drama of movie and TV is more than still these, what do you still know, greeting discussion. Note: Graph source network, tort connection is deleted

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