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Original title: Yang Junjun: Her knight-errant dream and God ancient dragon, let her be changed 20 years by opprobrium Believe a lot of people like to play expression, yang Junjun believes a lot of people are not known, but her aunt expression lets a lot of people however take delight in talking about, why? A lot of people Yang Junjun of address sb respectfully is ” Xi Menda’s Mom ” . Her aunt expression lets a lot of people feel special to do laugh, actually this title, because Yang Junjun gives the generation in the knight-errant teleplay that act,be. “Xi Menda’s Mom ” Yang Junjun is changed 20 years by opprobrium, just like Gu Long very much because of her knight-errant dream and her.

20220303020902 6220233ed7132

Yang Junjun’s family life is exceedingly rich, she likes to become an actor very much, all the time since she dotes on knight-errant drama, especially anthology of drama of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, special all the time club. Actually she is not in resembling a lot of population exceeding in that way old, actually she also is very young. She in one’s childhood Gu Long all novels had looked entirely, she likes very much inside chivalrous person, so old come she studies the part inside Gu Long and character all the time.

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Gu Long is famous knight-errant fictionist, he creates not little novel all one’s life, for example: Peerless double arrogant, sword of amorous swordsman callosity, outside Wu Lin history, gu Long dies due to illness finally, he left too much and too much classic work all one’s life, a lot of playwrite like his referenced work very much, the director wants to film in succession his work.

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Yang Junjun dies in Gu Long later, those who find him is prentice, think with him a collaboration films ” Ximen is infinite ” this film. After this film is broadcasted, box-office flatly, without lose money in business but also did not make money. For this Yang Junjun chooses to invest a good deal of money to cooperate with outback CCTV, she let become in cooperating this ” Xi Menda’s Mom ” .

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Be in chip when patting this teleplay, yang Junjun dispatched oneself person arteries and veins, regard as handsome and young Jiao Enjun and Liu Dekai come out to become please the hero in drama, still have additionally a few friends. The Yang Junjun at that time is many years old 30 only, age is not very big, in drama her personate the part of heroine, she this teleplay name is ” peach blossom legend and Ximen are infinite ” , de Kai of big beautiful male Jiao Enjun and the two Liu in drama has a name very much at that time, handsome and mature have charm, attracted the girl of myriad, additionally heroine Liu Yu Ting also is exceedingly beautiful. But to Yang Junjun, their appearance appearance and part do not deserve apparently, following another heroine to look also is to differ very big. Press actually all the same for appearance, she may suit to deduce their elder sister quite.

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Filming after this teleplay, a lot of audiences feel special to feel disgusted, feel Yang Junjun is built far from with Jiao Enjun. For this a lot of people evil did ” Xi Menda’s Mom ” this title. Yang Junjun also is for him ideal actually, to realize oneself dream, with pursuit God, so old come to she is cautious and conscientious, opposite at for, her appearance appearance does not suit personate really this part, but we are not OK also she is the title ” Xi Menda’s Mom ” . Because she just is done so for her God really, she realized her dream, although was changed so old be changed by opprobrium, but the thing that she also accomplished herself to want.

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We are not OK such corrupt change anyone, because everybody has his idea, although improper, but we can comment on the opinion that expresses our, but must not evil get a someone, yang Junjun is changed 20 years by opprobrium, this also is exceeding to her do not respect. The hope should learn to respect others as far as possible later, this is equal to esteem yourself actually.

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