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Original title: ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” curl of Han Xuegong lip is ceaseless transhipment of through cargo, female match Yan Zhi low however can lubricious lead an official 2 generation! ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” had not sowed changed title. Cry at first ” people’s justice ” . If be primary problem, before hard to avoid can let a person remember 3 years explode money theatrical work ” people’s name ” , and ” itinerate ” in have a lot of ” people ” actor, great expectations is expressed before broadcasting so, after broadcasting, still be very disappointed. Unlike ” people’s name ” have a lot of different capacities the heroine of different disposition, ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” have a feminine lead only, han Xue is become ” Han Xue ” heroine is not exciting, but there is important woman role in this serious theatrical work, this is exciting still. Saw a few market that broadcast at present regrettablly, the existence of heroine did not promote the development of gut, but her makeup look, hairstyle, dress can let a person feel she is from other city drama comes over. In drama, include hero Yu Hewei, inside the dress that most part basically is wearing ground connection to enrage, this is the common form in the life. Yu Hewei’s apparel is very casual, a bit dingy. But heroine Han snow, come on the stage every time very delicate, the lip that having red and grow long wavy hair, her clothes is different also. Have one market, when heroine and boss talk about law case a bit absent-minded. So she is hit to be bought on such-and-such meeting change the clothes, brushing a mobile phone all the time, say or else is bought do not have the dress to wear. See this embedded, can’t help inviting person suspicion, invite Han Xue to regard this as the heroine of department theatrical work, be for convenient and such-and-such society embedded? Han Xue says in her actor’s lines, if she is not bought, she was worn without the dress. In fact, she is the part that wears at most in drama. Look from appearance, heroine replaces a leader to receive award, han Xue is wearing an uniform. After prize-giving ceremony ends, han Xue changed brief paragraph fur clothing, jeans and high-heeled shoes, protruding shows him thin tall figure. When Feng Lei of deputy chief procurator, go out when investigating this case, long wavy hair of Han Xue is inattentive, her lipstick becomes brighter. Changed marked red shirt not only. There still is high-heeled shoes on the foot, knowing this pair of shoes is convenient really she ambulates. The boss that becomes he and him goes when other department, the lip that Han Xue still is wearing red and grow long wavy hair, but his dress is replaced by a brighter white shirt and place of maize business suit. I do not know which boss visited top management layer. He resembles the subordinate of boss backside not at all. Same, this covers high-heeled shoes of business suit collocation. In another setting, of boss Feng thunder dressing up still is so common, dan Hanxue had changed coat of a grid and white trousers. Fbcb.jpg-qsy.jpg"> long wavy hair and red lip still are mark matchs, the delicate white-collar in peremptory city drama. Even if be to be on placard, han Xue compared with director of procuratorial work room, more resembling is female tall canal, female president, she dresses up in what other part follows in drama always is antipathetic, she is fashionable, delicate, only beautiful, simple ground connection enrages someone else. On temperament, han Xue’s appearance follows ” belle inquisitor ” , ” glacial beauty ” hold out actually accord with, but she is certain expression always gives a person a kind of acerbity, sense that cold-shoulders other, view her expression occasionally, what can feel she just is Feng Lei is ranking. Of course, not be to say actress is in this kind of formal drama cannot beautiful, be dress dresses up only cannot always have too big difference with someone else? As reference, ” fox-hunt ” the police of Li Wangou personate, dress up daily very recreational, because check case should run everywhere, so she wears sneaker basically, look a lot of truer. Say leading lady, must conveniently talks about Zhang Saile of one biddy costar, she follows male supporting rule the authenticity that that line lets a person believe a story hard indeed. The father of male costar is politics and law appoint secretary (namely the part that Han Tong lays personate) , those who change character is an official 2 generation, he does not look in belle of the what in KTV, come on the stage till female costar. Is you feel female to match the great beauty that a Yanzhi invites person Jing is colourful? Not, she is an ordinary network writer only, just also sing in KTV sing, the average woman that holds inspiration to be able to write a novel, but just invite an official 2 generation fall in love at first sight, the eye had not gone from the move on family body. And female the appearance that match, be such. Also not be to say ugly, but does this Yanzhi let a person very hard fall in love at first sight really? Female those who match is clad dress up unengaging also, very exceeding common. 2 generation mix the official female after deserving to talk about novel and life, understanding did the business that cannot describe unexpectedly that evening. The development of this feeling line, it is unimaginably queer really. Pardonable not little audience spits groove, the Yan Zhi of female costar does not have a law to let a person believe gut. As to male part, come on the stage dingily in Yu Hewei La doing not have a law to let a person believe him is group leader of procuratorial work group, his person is set too exaggerative also, the leap onto roofs and vault over walls when chasing after a witness ases if can small meritorious service, hit a phone to be able to check taxi track, ability also compares preterhuman and inferior little. Han Tong of another male main actor is unripe, his temperament very the house that resembled wearing business suit in main festival appoint meeting uncle, a bit politics and law appoint gas field of the secretary is done not have. Qi Tongwei… Oh not, the office of Public Security Department that is Xu Yajun personate grows more unripe than Han Tong field having energy of life, light is to sitting not to talk not angry from power. As a whole, ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” choosing do not have on horn ” people ” so agree with a play, in addition, aureola of incompact collect, leading role crosses embedded and too much, gut also is the element of hinder sb greatly, will integratedly see character far not ” people ” tall, disappoint of a lot of audiences expect.

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