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Original title: Perform east likewise indefectible, put Lin Qingxia, Lu Zhenshun, Mao Weitao look together, the difference came out Jin Yongwu has a peculiar part in world of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. In former novel in the length of 1.23 million word, he comes on the stage only 10 pages left and right sides, come on the stage even get offline with respect to carelessly. But the part that this play has pity on less, do not lose lead in the limelight in whole department novel however, even take a broad view is whole knight-errant world also is a gas drifting a person. This part that shines brilliantly with 10 pages length only comes from ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” .

20220303020947 6220236bd3e9e

He provides individual colorific east extremely namely indefectible. In ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” in origianl work, east is indefectible till the 31st chapter just comes on the stage formally, be in in same rule what wait for a person with leading role Ling Huchong is right definitely in the body is dead. Although come on the stage time is very short, but the individual aureola that this demon teachs the founder of a religion however very give prize. For Xiu Lian unique gest, he is in ” be about to drill this result, surely first from palace ” yin and yang of the transfer below premise, make victory and defeat so far not the complex part of differentiate.

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And this a suit is unique him what military accomplishment hides in boudoir embroider however, what also need in gold is outstanding model below ” have one’s moment ” , become person of phenomenal class knight-errant. And in work of movie and TV, this part that has pulling force extremely also continues in the novel ” upstage attribute ” , break up in movie and TV in patting, he ought be costar shows the ray of no less than leading role however. Today, we choose on shadow history 3 to have representative ” east is indefectible ” , 3 Oriental hierarch is assembled in one case, the deduction that who sees more give prize.

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These 3 person that act are east of 1992 shadows edition respectively indefectible TVB edition east is Lin Qingxia of the person that act, indefectible 1996 Lu Zhenshun of the person that act and CCTV east is indefectible 2001 Mao Weitao of the person that act. The word does not say more, let us contrast one time from many angle.

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01, appearance the appearance of an actor matchs degree

Let us first eastwardly indefectible appearance rises a little. Jin Yong was not in openly depict east is indefectible facial features appearance, but a few paragraphs of characters that draw the outline of from flank, also had very picture feeling however:

The bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration inside the room, cosmetics aroma is tangy, a piece of first dresser bank is taking one person east, wear pink garment unlined upper garment, left hand is taking an embroider to stretch tight frame, the right hand is holding an embroider pin, raise a head to come, the face has the quality that be surprised.

At the moment his shave became smooth beard, rouge and powder was used actually on the face, style of unlined upper garment of that garment on the body male, female, the bewitching of color, wear in be filled with be filled with a body to go up, also appear too delicate and charming, too dazzling some.

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Above this paragraph of meticulous description, oriental and indefectible male and female promiscuous eccentric picture wind is shown undoubted. Recombine east is indefectible the age in the book, and Linghu develops that ” male the pantaloon that plays the part of female outfit ” , can figure probably east is indefectible be in senile edition ” female outfit old man ” .

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Guess not hard, oriental and indefectible picture wind is barpque and lead probably ” hot eye ” . Will look with this, TVB Lu Zhenshun edition is an appearance most of origianl work of press close to, his appearance characteristic depends on: Ugly blame again. On facial features appearance, this part is having apparent male outline, but in this piece of Yang Gang the face is built to go up forcibly the pink that contrast feels extremely strong makeup below, the hash of this Yang Gang and Yin Rou draws wind to belong to real it is a long story.

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Under photograph comparing, CCTV Mao Weitao edition also continued the eccentric picture wind of the part in the novel. But this version did not emphasize a role painstakingly ” ugly ” , make great efforts in makeup look however with presenting a part ” bewitching ” .

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On the appearance of an actor, the part is hit very grumous female makeup, bestrew even forehead various Hua Dian. Below the appearance of an actor that has flavor of Oriental name pity extremely, mao Weitao of one’s previous experience of Shaoxing opera actor more deliver weird breath with the eyes of lifelike and go out.

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Compare additionally two version, lin Qingxia edition jumps out directly origianl work is manacled, show a kind ” beautiful Sa ” picture wind. No matter be the modelling of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, still be the gorgeous female outfit red gown in water, the Lin Qingxia that is in summit summit Yan Zhi is explained very.

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Generation goddess shows her classic beauty with different kind, also bring the outside about east indefectible brand-new unscramble. Spend from appearance joint only in light of, lin Qingxia edition has some of sideslip really, the east of this version is indefectible nevertheless also let a person shine at the moment on modelling however.

02, deduce the effect actually

Go up besides outward appearance feature error is not small, model in figure on, the east of this 3 version is indefectible also be completely different. TVB Lu Zhenshun edition follows origianl work as before, according to the facts reductive part ” namby-pamby shade firm, enigmatic ” set. There is temperament of cruel and evil a fierce and powerful person on his body;

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Face what Linghu develops one pedestrian to besiege, the face when he lifts curtain is unforgettable. Cloudy face, slightly under frown, the death of big BOSS of this Hei Muya stares your person to suck a cool air.

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And on the other hand, namby-pamby attitude also presents his be affectedly bashful however another disposition that gives a role. Face beau Yang Lianting, to other ” all over the face chill ” he however obsequious, very delicate move.

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When facing young Ling Huchong, he holds an orchid to show fluctuation is looked up and down again, below coltish eyes float, part ” the gender turns ” temperament becomes very bright.

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Look on picture wind, this edition east is indefectible it is humourous actually. But setting is killed to fall in respectful, the opening of much width of cloth that this part has contrast to feel extremely lets us experience however hold the post of the person such as our bank in the book ” want to dare not laugh ” inner monologize.

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CCTV edition east is indefectible a weird evil spirit that side overweight shows a part is angry. Mao Weitao of the person that act discloses, oneself are according to right ” beautiful bewitching ” understanding will present east indefectible.

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For this she is not only on the modelling such as eye makeup, eyebrow makeup extremely use up coquettish feeling, systemic the appearance of an actor shows sense of strong evil spirit be puzzled. The eyes posture of twist of the mild and indirect on collocation, make the east of this version indefectible appear piece another ghastly and weird.

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It is this play with Yang Lianting likewise, compare at preamble Lu Zhenshun ” little girl ” act like a spoiled child of type delicate, mao Weitao criterion more resembling is ” wife ” the nice feeling that comforts the husband. And both and different explanation kind, also let a deflection ” eccentric picture wind ” , another a deflection ” coquettish picture wind ” and go.

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Compare above two version are right on origianl work foundation east is modelled indefectibly, lin Qingxia edition is indefectible to east figure ” overturn rebuild ” , and its show new graceful bearing. The motion picture that showed 1992 ” laugh be proud the east of all corners of the country is indefectible ” in, director Xu Ke overturns sexual ground revised Oriental and indefectible person to set, the east that invites man body is indefectible association of a paragraph of feeling arises with Ling Huchong below sexual misunderstanding.

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And use east indefectible ” Yi Nan also female ” attribute, lin Qingxia deduces a male and female not the bully gas part of differentiate. After putting on men’s clothing, lin Qingxia is full of the modelling that Sa enrages to make a person shine at the moment, the eyes of orthoptic ahead has one to plant more not angry from power gas field.

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After changing female outfit, she what wearing Jing colourful gay feminine attire to give looking glass is euqally OK the United States is colourful moving, let a person exclamation years never beats beautiful woman. And that act east is indefectible the camera lens that drinks for nothing is lain between with Ling Huchong in water, criterion the part ” the male is forthright ” with ” female charming is beautiful ” figure union gets incisively and vividly, make one of scene with shadow unforgettable history.

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And although almost very as big as deviate of origianl work figure, the Jing of Dan Zailin blue glow is colourful deduce, this version east is indefectible also do not have distinguishing feature one time.

03, outside wind judges contrast

Indefectible to the east of these 3 version, author gold commonplace is having disparate opinion. Talk about Lu Zhenshun edition east is indefectible, jin Yong gave the superlative degree other affirmation, ever stated Lu Zhenshun is publicly most the act person of joint origianl work.

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And this ugly the female outfit old man that blames again moves not only the heart with old gold, obtain most book basically also to confuse approbate, can saying almost is origianl work party is approbated spend a highest east indefectible.

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And the east that to Shaoxing opera actor Mao Weitao strings together personate instead is indefectible, jin Yong offers affirmation on artistic quality. Jin Yong makes public highly praise of this version delicate makeup look, still with ” the east that has artistic quality most is indefectible ” those who describe Mao Weitao deduce.

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And 2010, to Mao Weitao recognition quite the Jin Yong of beautiful still visits the spot to support Shaoxing opera of the other side ” Liang Zhu ” , and because of the other side masterly deduce and be in pavilion is genteel next tear.

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And Lin Qingxia version although Jing admired times, but because pass,also adapt extent greatly however and cause Jin Yong to resent. In be informed Lin Qingxia to act after east is indefectible, jin Yong ever tried to call to convey protest to director Xu Ke. Protesting not under fruit, jin Yong still is in later Xu Ke tries to break up pat ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” when direct choice refuses.

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And differ with Jin Yong’s manner, east of Lin Qingxia edition is indefectible obtain extremely tall market echo however. Because turn over play the role of sort out is honest too Jing is colourful, many people are lost in Lin Qingxia’s beauty, choice ” excuse ” the demon on gut changes, east of Lin Qingxia edition is indefectible also became harbor piece the delegate of goddess of summit summit ancient costume.

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And from Lin Qingxia later, the market gradually arisen a female tide of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that disguise as a man. Play of work of later ages game, movie and TV says in, appear from time to time ” bully gas queen ” the east of the style is indefectible, and get to the bottom of sth traces to the source under, a lot of parts are with in former days Lin Qingxia modelling is pattern plate.

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As a whole, 3 person part wind judges each to have different, lin Qingxia’s evaluation is mixed in the audience the extreme difference between the author is the biggest, and Lu Zhenshun accords with book confusing to expect most.

04, is 3 edition east indefectible where today?

Acting after east is indefectible, these 3 shadow people that bring us classical memory are having different career trend nowadays. Some ” Oriental hierarch ” in summit summit period resolutely retire at the height of one’s official career, became generation legend alive, for instance Lin Qingxia.


Act in 1992 ginseng ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” hind, lin Qingxia greets summit of new peak of Xin Yibo career, union ” inn of dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” wait for film of the corresponding period, female figure of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of its ancient costume is thorough popular feeling more. And in career summit summit period during, lin Qingxia chooses to abandon a career for love. After marrying with Li Yuan of wealthy businessman Xing 1994, lin Qingxia chooses to fade perform art circle, person of all corners of the country stays generation goddess fokelore.



Nowadays, pass Lin Qingxia of 60 years old to leave public view not completely, her what enter commonweal activity for many times in last few years figure as before the front, goddess elegant demeanour also is like as before first.


Some ” Oriental hierarch ” still performing art circle to produce more than heat, for instance Lu Zhenshun. Perforative act art career 40 one’s remaining years, the Lu Zhenshun that mixes slash harbor circle continuously is joined in all performed theatrical work of more than 140 harbor, greenery costar all is in great majority drama. And besides east indefectible besides, he ever still had been acted ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Huo Dou, ” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” the part that waits for look familiar letting a person than working.


And be in silent deep ploughing performs art circle, lu Zhenshun also transmitted a good news last year. 2021, lu Zhenshun of 61 years old announces to be engaged formally. His fiancee is him the lady outside a group that meets when the match sings 41 years ago, this dusk of new form ties after 41 years is loved also pass for a much-told story.


Some ” Oriental hierarch ” carry forward artistic career, for instance Mao Weitao. 17 years old from art the Shaoxing opera profession that she is having 40 one’s remaining years, it is course of study inside accepted ” Shaoxing opera the first female small unripe ” . Had gone nowadays 40 hold time, already was Zhejiang small the Mao Weitao that 100 beautiful Shaoxing opera grow all round returns the heavy responsibility that traditional culture transmits since pickaback.


Besides daily show, mao Weitao returns actively to participate in wide to extrapolate Shaoxing opera. Before a few years, mao Weitao swims with some hand cross dimension to cooperate, figure of combinative Shaoxing opera rolls out skin of a part, she is returned personally go into battle is game ” embedded ” oneself arena movement.


And this year, be about to Mao Weitao of 60 years old still ascends a tiger year CCTV spring is late, 37 years are lain between to go up again when spring she late appearances performance Shaoxing opera ” bridge wishs ยท 18 photographs send ” .


This half a lifetime gives Thespian generation a person of academic or artistic distinction, it may be said showed the attitude of old artist. Above is 3 shadow history classical east is indefectible the contrast of the person that act. Lu Zhenshun, Lin Qingxia, Mao Weitao these 3 are put together, the difference came out apparently. “Harbor encircles greenery ” Lu Zhenshun essence is accurate reductive the east in the novel is indefectible, figure of enigmatic female outfit old man makes shadow of countless people childhood.


“Opera a person of academic or artistic distinction ” Mao Weitao blends in traditional and Thespian charm the part, the east that contains Oriental charm is indefectible your person shines at the moment.


“Generation goddess ” Lin Qingxia criterion with overturning sexual means presents a heroic bearing valiant edition east is indefectible, engrave the wind that disguise as a man moviedom DNA.


As a whole, 3 person deduct each has his strong point, each have each ray. And identical is, they are deduced 3 times to a colour of the part keep memory of precious movie and TV for countless audiences. So the issue came, in your eye ” is optimal east indefectible ” which be?


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