Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Luo Yunxi contacts new work, cheng Yi’s choice, plum talk about new company about now Chase after a star, it is instantly makes much youth’s very zealous issue, they were full of fact of the real situation to feel to actor, also was full of interest to their life. So, what does the content of this first phase have? Look together! Luo Yunxi still is filming nowadays the drama of the big ancient costume that make in the hand, this drama he there film can say very painstaking, can work overtime easily. After all he is big male advocate, show share respect is very so much, although the group endeavors to strengthen provision on food, thin still nevertheless.

20220303021138 622023da52564

His follow-up arrangement is to rest for some time, body take good care of sb, of course this during still can contact new work. At the same time he still has the activity of respect of business affairs, put together art to want to attend, maintain necessary luminosity exposing to the sun. His group is in now the work of arrange with is a work that comes from calligraphy to be not treasure, do not know to be able to talk about a success finally.

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Cheng Yi there begin already formally to film new theatrical work ” bottom line ” , before he is receiving this theatrical work, actually goose factory there still have one the ministry is ancient occasionally drama wants to sign him. He chose later ” bottom line ” , must say this choice is very right. Although be 2 male only,he is in inside this drama advocate, one it is Jin Dong, but also be very fair to him, after all Jin Dong is the elder inside the circle, also be the actual strength clique with very conspicuous acting at the same time. Cheng Yi cooperates this with him, help somewhat for certain to him.

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Plum now here with agreement of one heart recreational not be fast expired, there is a company to want draw sb over to one’s side in circle so he, among them both sides of a new company has talked about Li Xianhe about, as a result nevertheless he does not have a choice. Because the program of this company is to let him take discharge actor course, he himself is paid attention to more develop toward big screen, after so both sides talks about, did not conclude, he has not decided otherwise wants to renew the contract with former company at present.

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Appeal everybody is sensible finally chase after a star, learn the advantage on actor body, it is better to become oneself.

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