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Original title: Why does noonday sunshine go ” slant ” ? Just broadcasted before long ” meet season ” , was bungled ” midday manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely ” fascia. This drama is promoted by thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi, the main actor such as Gu Nailiang, jian Chuan Yu hold guide (” Dou Ting is good ” ” happy eulogy ” ) , a is able to bear or endure hold the position of playwrite (” great river great river ” ” Dou Ting is good ” ) , adapt the novel that is able to bear or endure from A ” fall beautiful season ” . Whole advocate achieve ordinary members of theatrical troupe to cannot call not powerful, but those who do ” meet season ” let a person be surprised really.

20220303021411 62202473d24d1

With respect to the ten collect content that has broadcasted at present, from gut set of trend, character arrives value kernel, almost overall molders, give a person ” complete member mad batch ” feeling, be nodded besides production chamfer it seems that and stunt, cannot find ” meet season ” the thing that means expression truly. Hard to avoid letting a person is interrogative, be called ” country drama door face ” noonday sunshine, why to take this one step?

Group resemble moldering apparently look, ” meet season ” integral clue framework is convention, the young man and woman that allows personal enemy loves each other, let the male change ” broken bits ” , the female becomes ” jumpy ” , deduce farce of blood of a large and middleaged dog finally. But in the final analysis, the source that creates this kind of impressions is the play does not have rationality. ” meet season ” have two masterstroke, among them one is brief home and Cui Jia ” the enemy that kills father ” , this line also is to cause a all gut are contradictory initial drop, but, this ” enemy ” have not a leg to stand on.

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Because Cui Fu works problem disclose brief father one knife, next Cui Fu commits suicide. Son Cui Qiming of Cui Fu (Zhang Yi is promoted adorn, hind incognito Ning Shu) from this will ” the enemy that kills father ” ascribe brief home, decide to revenge for father. Cui Qizhen (Yuan Quan act the role ofing, incognito peace excuses after) also ended to be become with Jianhong from this (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) love concerns. Cast incident itself ” dog blood ” do not talk, home Cui homicide is prevenient, avenge with this again after, itself does not have rationality. Another is Jian Hongcheng and peace excuse to love and be not gotten, establish a family severally later, cause a series of middleaged marriage problems then. This line involves many two sexual relationship, derive group like play. “Group resemble ” it is noonday sunshine originally special mode of adept a creation, its explode anthology of much department theatrical work cannot leave almost ” group picture ” prop up. But at the same time undeniable also is, noonday sunshine more those who be good at is pair of males group the compose that resemble is built, for instance ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” the person that pretend ” ” great river great river ” , the male group the individual poor dissimilation that resemble and character are full degree very strong. But the market wind direction of the creation that lasts in its and instantly guides in, “All broken bits male ” become a kind gradually it seems that ” instant and correct ” , inside marriage off the rails, Yo vacancy, ask the female is homeward in marriage even front courtyard sacrifices, to self-abnegation more and more general, and these appear in entirely ” meet season ” in. Can say, the male ” change broken bits ” a label that makes middleaged marriage, the male figure that lets differ dissimilation originally becomes send more compressed, this also is ” meet season ” overall molders a crucial place.

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Under photograph comparing, female group resembling is not noonday sunshine originally special the domain that be good at, in the past ” happy eulogy ” public praise is the same as level not as good as ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” the person that pretend ” wait, later ” great river great river ” medium Cheng Kaiyan, ” Qiao Jia’s children ” the woman figure such as medium Qiao Simei is open to question. Nowadays, this kind of male stares the female below group was in like concentration ” meet season ” in, make all female has each each in drama ” jumpy ” . Ning You of female strong person is opposite duty field marriage is ceaseless self-surrender, appear too ” goddess ” ; Below the premise that has divorced, ex-wife Chen Xin of Jian Hongcheng although do not have any footing, however again and again disturbs him subjective medium small the life of 3, let its leave the town with long already take root with dying to force even; To protect a company, brief home eldest sister was sacrificed by father school work, marriage, divide the equity of 10% only however finally, subsequently eldest sister makes the method gets a company, be by the definition in drama however ” supercilious look wolf ” …

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Of rationality be short of break, make drama medium the place that there are a lot of twists and contradiction on each female body, so that their behavior does not have logic, together with ” broken bits male gather ” the male group picture, ” meet season ” became ” complete member mad batch ” ” meet ” , the gut that does not have rationality also becomes in a state of disunity subsequently.

Deflection discharge feedbacks from current market for, set in the person, below the premise of occurrence problem of many sided of clue, viewpoint of value, a few people are simple ground general ” meet season ” public praise suffers a defeat end enables discharge actor in drama, this is to have apparently break biased. But go up from the development of noonday sunshine whole for, collecting character and market topic to spend the hesitation between, it is the content creation that perplexing noonday sunshine all the time, appear now such sliding, it is its are in it seems that both in the exploration between, swung to latter. The be born out of of creation ordinary members of theatrical troupe of noonday sunshine at early the hill shadow before, relatively go out at creation ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” ” parental love ” ” north is smooth without war ” the company of movie and TV that waits for a lot of high quality content, it is young that the noonday sunshine of independent development allows the brighter characteristic on creation inside change. From content IP suffer numerous group, drama anthology subject matter arrives cast, draw close to younger group in the attempt, this also is ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” the person that pretend ” ” happy eulogy ” wait for drama to present the characteristic that go out jointly, also help noonday sunshine be in young group really start shooting famous degree. However, on this one direction, picture later ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up 2 ” ” great river great river ” ” great river great river 2 ” ” hill sea affection ” wait for drama, although fabaceous valve grading is in 8.5 minutes of above, but the discussion of these content is spent actually far not as good as the company’s other phenomenal course work. And public praise is opposite not as good as of afore-mentioned work ” happy eulogy ” series, ” Dou Ting is good ” ” I am Yu Huan water ” ” Qiao Jia’s children ” ” know to deny ” etc, criterion the word of heat of because drama is medium the character of controversy sex, clingy society inscribe and ignite social public opinion quickly, become ” noonday drama ” discharge password.

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But in this process, the character in some drama had caused bigger negative dispute actually, for instance ” I am Yu Huan water ” problem of Ceng Yin women’s right is hit small fraction, ” Dou Ting is good ” medium ” broken bits dad ” and the family is right of Su Mingyu compress etc, qiao Simei treats emotive manner to wait… although the problem of these detail sexes did not cause exceeding public praise to turn over bite, but the rationality that can mirror the attempt that gives this one way to need play structure to have a base not only, special still need advocate achieve have right ” degree ” control capacity. So the problem goes here, ” meet season ” try to use same ” discharge password ” go solving a problem, but oversight drama anthology rationality and ” degree ” problem. Lift straight white example, origianl work ” fall beautiful season ” in, between Jian Hongcheng and elder sister Jian Minmin although as a result of,be,oppose equity issue, but Jian Hongcheng does not know Jian Minmin ever was forced to sacrifice marriage. And be in drama and conceal without this, make two people contradictory more apt is heavy male light female sexual distinction is contrary. In the meantime, jian Minmin also by fashion into ” shrew ” general existence, make the fuse that two contradiction are magnified. And ” sexual distinction is contrary ” spark likewise easily large area discusses still have ” of disgust small 3 ” , picture ” my before half a lifetime ” medium Ling Ling, ” 30 just ” medium forest have have etc, become after drama anthology broadcasts nod to explode. ” meet season ” also set such woman figure, excuse rather namely off the rails object of the husband considers Wei Wei.

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In drama, gu Weiwei besides ” know 3 when 3 ” , ” green tea ” these main operations, even Ning You of requirement of ground of have no sense of shame does innocent plead for husband of off the rails, corrupt, still excuse with peace with ” sister ” , ” people on one’s own side ” proportional. But in the absense of antecedent matting, these shake break the opinion on public affairs of 3 view appears sedulous, demon unreal, just exist to make a topic it seems that, apparent already ” break degree ” . And feedback from current market for, the audience also was not such pile ” stunt ” buy sheet.

Search live newly means is created to drama anthology for, to more the direction that causes social discussion easily tilts, itself is not fathomless. But in this backside, why can noonday sunshine last to this one direction to tilt, in be being created even gradually ” break degree ” be worth to pay close attention to more it seems that. Noonday sunshine held water 2011, and make its of fame big a confusion of voices ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” it is switched on the mobile phone 2014, 2015 head sow. This period, the commercial pattern of drama market field is experiencing acuteness change, sow copyright cost besides the stage, the copyright cost that video platform gives out is higher even, and the development that accompanying video platform to abstain drama, the collaboration between company of movie and TV and video platform also derives new commercial model.

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So, the noonday sunshine that grows quickly in this phase also is worn in experience this one change, the company needs inside to allow the butt joint on creation not only young market, the change that needs to be based on commercial pattern more adjusts content to create train of thought. Specific and character, on one hand, the market environment that the content place that noonday sunshine creates faces, last to Internet, mobile Internet migratory, what be accompanied and come is to face more instant and interactive, involve the public opinion environment with bigger range. Drama anthology discusses in what cause in this one environment, also affect naturally advocate achieve a group to be opposite the acknowledge of social heat, in feedbacking to be created in follow-up content then. On the other hand, noonday sunshine and video platform and cooperation are closer and closer. The content that produces besides its is contended for to grab by each big video platform besides, in the drama anthology creative work that video platform also begins to participate in noonday sunshine.

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Love is for instance strange art manufacture jointly ” I am Yu Huan water ” ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” ; Tecent video is ” Qing Pingle ” manufacture Fang Zhi one, penguin movie and TV also is participated in manufacture ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” ” if snail has love ” ; And broadcast this ” meet season ” sow alone in actor cruel… closer cooperation is accompanying capital to intervene necessarily, what accompany to it is video platform wait from battle array, subject matter more the assessment of deflection discharge standard, and high fever content is driven to what sequel cooperates, the content creative work that this also affects noonday sunshine further is spent to market topic tilt. Now, ” meet season ” move toward out of control below this one train of thought just about, but look conversely, this public praise suffers a defeat also is vigilant sunshine to midday, much ministry of its have the aid of is high quality of drama anthology win initial success ” country drama door face ” fascia, still need continuance of more and high grade content.

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