Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Hong Kong basic level detects skill of tierce of bag demand big Gu Tianle contributes 13000 in all

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On March 1, according to harbor intermediary report, hong Kong front faces the challenge of the 5th epidemic situation, perform art group public figure also support of ground of do one’s best fights epidemic disease. Already contributed a new coronal virus twice to detect quickly early or late suit (detect quickly bag) Gu Tianle of Hong Kong actor, passed a few days ago ” fund of Gu Tianle charity ” contribute go out to detect the 3rd batch quickly bag, so far he already accumulative total is contributed give 13000. That day, . On March 1, gu Tianle is basked in on gregarious platform give oneself to give a piece of picture of travel, intercurrent article newspaper is restful, “Protection, in any working places, I also can have made all epidemic prevention move, him protection also is protective other. Also care of many thanks all circles. ” before this, according to coverage of Hong Kong media, the force with which sth breaks out of the 5th epidemic situation of Hong Kong is roaring, odd-numbered days diagnose is defeated first degrees 10 thousand, recreational group also comes out one after another the information that actor acquires epidemic disease. Male star Zhang Songzhi announces diagnose at 25 days, the message points to him to ever was the same as with Gu Tianle film new piece ” encircle a city of 9 ยท of Long Cheng stockaded village ” , because this makes the outside quite afraid.

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It is reported, body Xiamen shows into dragon before this, carry the epidemic prevention goods and materials of the contributory Hong Kong such as guaze mask.

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Liu Dehua releases video on gregarious media, he expresses, hong Kong epidemic situation is very serious, want authority only epidemic prevention of be of one mind, will surely conquer epidemic situation. He protects personnel and justice labour express one’s thanks to to worker of all front epidemic prevention, cure, appreciate the painstaking effort that they give and effort. Work in the same place, liu Dehua still wishs the person that be affected recovers at an early date, also appeal Hong Kong citizen must scrupulous, wear good guaze mask, reduce a party, “Face epidemic situation each individual attention is some more, we are met many somes of force ” .

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In addition, the actor such as Xu Guanjie, Guo Fucheng, Zheng Xiuwen, Rong Zuer, Xie Ting sharp edge also the heart fastens epidemic situation, donate to the public figure that has need in succession detect quickly bag.

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