Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: New amour of friend card solid Selina two people interact at will beginning to stabilize September last year

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On March 3, media of the Eight Diagrams exposes to the sun a Selina and man pull a hand to reply a public house together. Subsequently, stage intermediary report says, course Selina friend confirms, be patted mix outside the hotel Selina schoolboy is her boy friend, two people will interact with respect to stability last year in September. It is reported, she will suffer last year in October when visitting, with respect to Ceng Song the mouth has small fresh pork pursuit of 7 years old, divulge still have contact at present, “A lot of people care me during epidemic situation, he also is, my work and rest very put upside down day and night, have for a time hyperbole sleeps to midday, wake in the middle of the night, so he can knock me in the middle of the night, I must answer his message, be clever ” ! Say frankly 2 people still calculate must come a little, do not cross her also speak bluntly: “Assume true love arrives, I should want to caress him, protect him, protect this paragraph of love, (make public) arrange its nature. (make public) arrange its nature..

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Taiwan media says, when two people acknowledge contact at that time, easy belt goes to Selina the friend meets, the friend that be familiar with tells the male friend that he is Selina, boast his individual character is very lovely, about resembles adjacent home big boy, the opinion that acquires friend group is quite high. Congratulation elder sister ~

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