Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The netizen guesses Guo Qilin mysterious cummer is Jiang Yi according to two people Ceng Duo second fit by come across

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Recently, media of the Eight Diagrams pats secret of Guo Qilin of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company and woman of garment of a pink to date, two people behavior is close, atmosphere is ambiguous. Before long hind, the netizen guesses mysterious cummer is Jiang Yi is depended on, it is reported, had been patted in the hospital before two people, guo Qilin goes to a hospital becoming myopic and correctional operation, and on the side those who accompanying is Jiang Yi according to.

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But the explanation that gives out at that time is Jiang supple elder sister works in the hospital, and two people meet to just chance, be asked to just leave group photo accept as a souvenir by hospital training student.

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In addition, still netizen come across crosses their shuttlecock, in the photograph, two person wear recreational sportswear, appear in badminton place, cut consult ball ability each other, atmosphere joy, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient it seems that what two people concern is very close however.

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