Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Lin Ruiyang’s son and daughter of bavin wisdom screen admit amour is patted for many times before this close appointment

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2 days, according to stage intermediary, lin Yu of Lin Ruiyang’s son and tall Juan Ya of daughter of bavin wisdom screen are easy admit amour, because two people cooperate idol play ” love is science ” and dark strange sincere feeling, association begins after killing blueness. Before this two people ever were patted by media for many times go out appointment, during two people often each other pulls arm, bearing is close, cause amour to guess. Chai Zhibing dines together with the friend inside the circle before New Year be asked about daughter how things stand, blurt out has said to seem to talking about love, she blesses each paragraphs of amour that expressed a daughter recently, “I was not in charge of her, so big after all, interact to choose to seeming oneself, I very respect her, the metropolis when normally nevertheless she prepares association brings me to look, the secret is done not have between us ” , say frankly there is belt forest the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty to have a meal together with her after tall Juan Yanian, ever also booked a whole theater in the film the circumstance has seen. She says she does not understand their association situation, “But should pat play to get along for long namely feel pretty good still, become a friend first, have small good opinion! Small elegant say individual character closes very much only, whats to chat more when we have a meal, feeling needs time trial namely, can learn each other grow very good, they are not children any more ” . Chai Zhibing also says frankly this world of father forest luck that follows Lin Yu is not ripe, and the problem that whether this amour meets to the daughter, she is laughing at response path: “She is even cleverer than me careful, I do not worry about her, also believe her very much. Also believe her very much..

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