Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Exposure of Zhang Jiuna new amour? Hold in the arms with schoolgirl backside act like a spoiled child pull a hand to control a road

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Recently, zhang Jiuna of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company is patted by media of the Eight Diagrams date with secret of a schoolgirl, tight of two people wrap up goes dating toward a dining-room have dinner, schoolgirl smile is melting the figure is fine, after taking a seat to Zhang Jiuna sweet laugh, after have dinner, zhang Jiuna holds her in arms from schoolgirl backside, two people walk out of even body baby dining-room commonly, interactive very sweet and lovely, after walking out of dining-room, two people are pulling a hand to go in street, solemning is the appearance of sweethearts of a pair of sweet be passionately in love. It is reported, zhang Jiuna is the closest cruel hearsay of the home inside body defect marriage, on January 2, zhang Jiuna ex-wife ” chocolate taro circle is suckled ” dispatch is accuse Zhang Jiuna is off the rails, without giving thought to the child; She returns accuse Zhang Jiuna to shine in stage glazing delicacy beautiful, below the stage however calculate their mother child. Late on March 2, zhang Jiuna ex-wife sends long article again on gregarious platform, accuse Zhang Jiuna is put in violence of the home inside marriage to be, she states Zhang Jiuna is opposite not only him home is cruel, still beat up oneself family, marry from 2016 up to now oneself by the home cruel more than 20, and attach call the police record. On March 3, the late night responds to Zhang Jiuna ex-wife is accuse the home inside marriage is cruel, say ” did not become want to answer back and forth again, wait for a court decision, have justice oneself. Have justice oneself..

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