Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Ban Dujiang of Yan Sanya explore is thought of to dine together suddenly after disturbance heat talks about eyes sweetness as before

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Recently, media of the Eight Diagrams pats Huo Saiyan to come 3 inferior explore class is filming new show ” she what disappear ” Du Jiang, huo Saiyan dresses up delicate expensive gas, ming Yan of makeup look air, walk along advanced face and friend heat to chat, du Jiang follows in her back, as if young join a regular shift or class.

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Everybody walks along dining-room to take a seat behind talk about an edge to eat, huo Saiyan looks from time to time to the Du Jiang that chatting with friendly people, the eyes bestows favor on be addicted to dedicated, very happy.

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During, the Wen Yongshan that is the same as a play staff joined their meal bureau, du Jiang greets sb actively with Wen Yongshan.

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After the meal, huo Saiyan and good friendly go ahead of the rest leave, du Jiang hastens after the thing good catch up with.

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Recently, also the netizen is in 3 inferior come across Du Jiang Huo Saiyan’s couple. Wind of tropics of Huo Saiyan a suit dresses up, wear what the paragraph is the same as when wear and dining together to go vacationing wind straw hat, beautiful figure of skin white appearance is advantageous, du Jiang is to taking surfboard, two people feeling is very stable it is thus clear that, envy making a person. It is reported, the Du Jiang before this is exposed to the sun to use date of individual company hand over the accounts to make an appointment with a belle, du Jiang of after the event refutes a rumor angrily incident of this black dragon, the feeling that expresses oneself and suddenly Sai Yan ” it is true, also be to last constant ” , huo Saiyan also conveyed him through the means of reply netizen the unlimited credit to the husband.

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