Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Guo Qilin kisses shake handshandle by the side of street of exposure of amour of doubt of woman of garment of secret meeting pink too sweet!

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Recently, media of the Eight Diagrams pats secret of Guo Qilin of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company and woman of garment of a pink to date, two people are first go out from abode, take a net to make an appointment with a car to go to inn of a chaffy dish, will dine together together the Zhang Jiuling that still having is actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company together, after have dinner ends, guo Qilin is mixed first the car on a friend, zhang Jiuling and other friend help powdery garment woman together get on a car, subsequently Zhang Jiuling leaves alone. The woman is drunk wine it seems that, in roadside go for a walk a little while hind crouch again, guo Qilin and friend of a man hasten help her up, subsequently Guo Qilin and woman are standing to chat in street edge, awaiting aside along with travel friend, woman take advantage of an opportunity kisses Guo Qilin actively, subsequently two people flirt, the schoolgirl tries to throw Guo Qilin’s hand, guo Qilin hastens she is fooled before going up, two people atmosphere is very sweet.

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