Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Xie Xiangming goes out perform king brilliant edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” harbor type swordsman film all shows wind of bully gas hero King static edition ” the holy sirocco of heaven ” caused all and best online hot discussion. In small gain, etc. Actor Xie Qingming acts as ” the holy fire of heaven ” , “Wang Baoping ” . Wang Ye’s appearance is chic with the strike, lead a flock of males open country, brow is in detail, work reachs the designated position. In the film, the clue that he guides a soldier arrives Guang Zhiguang, people makes a person impressive, returned wind of harbor type wushu again. “Holy vogue of the sky ” it is Wang Jing of main actor of dress wushu film, lin Feng and Wen Yishan.

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This film tells wushu the controversy to Zhang Zhang enters dragon killer knife innocently. He captured Zhao Min before wushu Master. The results of the holy sirocco of Heidian Dragon Slayer ” the production of big screen grain and results trying lens. Xiequn obviously, in the film, in the film, his function is accurate and delicate, make this classical character gold brave updates delicacy, this is general style.

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Developed before actor Xie Qingming ” Long Zhuo ” the film ” angle is long 2 ” , ” ” TV set ” big Qin Fu ” , TV set ” husband ” , “Imperial week Wei ” with other part, the explanatory way that because its delicate act mixes a of solo,grows makes an audience famed far Known. Xie Qun and Zhang Han, the teleplay that fight day ” all ” main actor Yun Yanyan is about to release, let us expecting

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