Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: She is in ” let bullet fly ” in camera lens of a few seconds, have his moment accidentally, become the target of everybody daydream In respecting ” let bullet fly ” this film when, the netizen that most propbably has a lot of and audience people the impression that has a few is in memory, the filmgoer that has a lot of can is when this film is shown pretty good still to the grading of this film, of this film basically is the Jiang Wen, Zhou Runfa, Ge You, person such as Liu Jialing and Chen Kun, basically told about bold bandit Zhang Mu change the honest and upright official as, and go to take up office develop the old practice of combat with the local tyrant that manages division of go to the fields. And this film not only let main actors fire, the costar in this film also is an accident is red, for example because,Zhao Ming is this film ” let bullet fly ” have one’s moment, by filmgoer people place is hep.

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When the name of respecting Zhao inscription, most propbably has a lot of netizens and audience people it is the figure that still remembers Zhao Ming, the object of the daydream in everybody heart can be after Zhao Ming goes out at the outset after all, nevertheless the Zhao Ming before going out still is the production assistant of an unknown to public however. And film of Zhao Ming that have one’s moment ” let bullet fly ” become mediumly red star is very much, the Zhao Ming in those days does not calculate even the actor on, that show is participated in below accidental opportunity, in the picture that a few seconds also are only before camera lens and an actor’s lines, but the filmgoer that lets be watched in those days people impressive. Then Zhao Ming goes to the front of act from the behind the curtain, finished important decay of Zhao Ming.

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