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Original title: Wu Jing: Love your person really, ability will be willing ” take soft “ In myriad sea of faces, encounter you fortunately. What reason is this? Everybody can say for certain, saw an eye. Right, it is certainly those who look is not quite careful, by love diversionary live, in the oneself lost in confusing a net target of love. Actually, the woman is in when marrying, have bit of impulse more or less, resemble again after marriage extremely a rich weichis. Right, it is that depends on ” battle wolf ” the Wu Jing of conflagration — Wu Jing: Love your person really, ability will be willing ” take soft ” . Face the person of love, no matter have temper more, metropolis consciousness is convergent

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Wu Jing can say is very good energy of life, but when facing Xie Nan, he resembles completely is discharge angry rubber ball, it is on the program of Beijing spring evening, the person that thanks Nan to let a stage go up goes act ” battle wolf 3 ” , ask him Wu Jing no matter use,conversation is in charge of, of Wu Jing bow and scrape say the canal is used. Xie Nan bully says angrily later: Sit down. Wu Jing is darling sat down. Perhaps you can say, this is to be afraid that wife loses face outside. But I not so think, I feel this is the expression of love. Spread out full text he is enraged so forcedly, but in Xie Nan before this young woman, appear such however reverent and respectful. Just, kind-hearted, wu Jing of bearing withstand deliberate also is the father of two children, when facing a child, notice especially, no matter oneself are star identity, just go purely care and oneself irrelevant child, this can explain he is kind-hearted only. Depend on ” battle wolf ” he what fire rises, also made homework recently, opened noodle shop, believe the person that likes him knows, the name of the face calls battle wolf the face, the business also is very hot.

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Average person feels, he opens this store is to earn brushstroke greatly certainly. But the conscience business that what he does is par however, there is very a lot of more beef in the bowl, still send two cole, in settle accounts when 35 yuan. Serious to the career, hold to, be willing to do it hard this times, love is admittedly important, but biscuit also must give attention to two or morethings, or theoretic love, now society, it is an incredible story simply, idiotic nonsense. By all account feminine reality, but not bit actualer word, in the future the life after marriage, can press oneself are suffocatively come, reality also is have to choice, also be occasionally must. Wu Jing from very young when begin to act in a play, although his astral road is returned,be smooth, but if hold to without that, his career is impossible to reach such height. Everybody knows he is an actor, the dream that does not know him however is a director. Be in ” battle wolf ” when doing not have fire, he himself once had taken the motion picture, but resonant and general. He what did not abandon, depend on eventually ” battle wolf ” fire.

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This holds to with his is not divided, if a person does not have the determination that perserve, become a major issue very hard. “3 days fish, two days bask in a net ” everybody understands the reason, “Dripstone is worn ” teach us to want importunate truth to should understand more. When having, love admittedly very important, but the life is more important, the truth of biscuit and love give attention to two or morethings need not my give uncecessary details, authority is clearer than me. Not easily make a choice, more not actuation, a decision is enough the life that changes you, must discreet again discreet. .END.

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