Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The 3 unripe sansei that movie and TV encircles, sun Lihe ” evil-minded female match ” on bar, colour value acting of bar bar

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In ” that year the flower opens a month round ” in, of 3 aunt and allusion pawnshop grandson shopkeeper is extramarital, because be afraid that Wu Pin discovers he is mixed grandson the thing of silver of pawnshop of allusion of shopkeeper embezzle part of what should be issued, the nephew that arranged oneself gives Wu Pin envenom, murdered marital Wu Pin of Zhou Ying. Zhou Ying conceived Wu Pin’s child, the courtyard had successor east, and 3 aunt for wanted share, preparation gets rid of Zhou Ying. Then 3 aunt let person announcement cheat Zhou Ying to say 3 lord inquire for she, the Wang Shijun that 3 aunt arrange senselessly is however in result house, female coexist of Gu male few one room, and a lot of people also feel of Wu Pin have facts one wishes to hide to death.

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In ” discriminate is passed ” in, the glad noble of personate of 10 thousand beautiful night tide is He Zhen however a group. After discriminate answers palace from manna temple, glad often as concubine of an emperor in He Qi in always birthday palace when, glad often rancorred in the face before discriminate Qi as concubine of an emperor. After Qi life aing concubine of an emperor goes, glad noble facilitates discriminate recounted oneself and Qi to a concubine of an emperor to stay in one place together, often be aed concubine of an emperor to make the issue that press by Qi, say, live under another’s roof with its hint given with the eyes seeing a person, be inferior to an one palace advocate come racily, think allowing a surname helps him leave Qi to a concubine of an emperor.

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Glad noble says so, because this secondary conveys him to want to stand in discriminate ,be of this covey determination. She says she is friendless in palace, borrowed necklace to allude discriminate , qi as concubine of an emperor is the person of empress, those who state oneself know discriminate answers palace is miserable, be willing to use up one’s pygmy effort for discriminate .

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Discriminate chose her, help her advance portion, noble of the glad in retrospective gut helps discriminate collect Anling to allow father’s evidence of a crime. Glad noble draws out a heart to draw out lung to discriminate , the actual strength that just also took a fancy to discriminate is destined to be able to laugh finally, can protect oneself to be made the same score all one’s life in Gong Li how, final glad noble became glad too a concubine of an emperor, lifetime is spent in Gong Zhongan. And in ” settle down ” in, the Qu Linglong of personate of 10 thousand beautiful night tide is borne like unlike glad noble, conceal oneself ability.

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