Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Wait for rank of index of the boom that sow drama, luo Yunxi becomes firm Xiao Zhan to go up in succession a list of names posted up Of newest first phase wait for rank of index of the boom that sow drama to had come out, a lot of the new theatrical work of this first phase is true, and the average per capita such as Luo Yunxi, Xiao Zhan, Cheng Yi, Wang Yibo is a list of names posted up go up famous, look together

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The platoon comes from Yu Fancheng assist and Cheng Xiao in eleventh name ” clever region ” , this drama looks true now should put in drama of keep long in stock ‘s charge inside, wanted one new after all year to begin, and this drama killed blueness to also had passed very long, think to be able to see immediately originally, did not decide the information of archives all the time regrettablly, male advocate Fan Chengcheng contributes an index to be as high as 50% , reason of a list of names posted up still is him as much on

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The 7th: ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” feel this play always recently ready to do sth, should be about to sow immediately so, light sees prevue cannot have satisfied me to mean the state of mind that read apparently, what is more,the rather that these two main actors still are my individual super liked actor or artist, at present only hope broadcasts rapidly namely, this go up reason of a list of names posted up is male advocate Xiao Zhan, still have dozenth name ” fight Luo Daliu ” it is him as much, must admit his temperature is very high really, this contributive index is 57% , of course Yang Zi is as high as 39% , say finally, the hope can leave at an early date sow

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The 9th: ” youth of a poetic name of China is written down ” of this drama on reason of a list of names posted up is female advocate Peng Xiaoran, her contributive index also is highest, achieved 38% , is what had better nevertheless I surprise now Feng Shaofeng thin now came down? After a lot of men get married, manage to oneself figure as expected can loosen a lot of, after all we but 2 father’s younger brother married clever treasure such good wife, want Yan Zhi to have Yan Zhi, want a figure to have a figure, and do not be short of like acting person energy of life, want to feel happy

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The 14th: ” when you smile very beautiful ” the hotspot nature of this drama is belle of handsome young man, it is after all about electric contest subject matter, what will see Yan Zhizhen from the placard that give off is very tall, and the boy girl that I dress up to electric contest has good opinion particularly, and do not say male advocate Xu Kai and female advocate Cheng Xiao, it is male the Yan Zhi of Xiao Wen of 2 a surname also is very tall, do not know 2021 can when it leaves sow, also do not know which month leaves sow?

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Article epilogue: You most expect which

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