Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The teenager of ancient costume white garment in drama of movie and TV, to the Wang Yibo that resemble battle from Luo Yunxi each makes person Jing colourful! As a person that likes to see ancient costume play very much, small make up feel most the modelling of the Bai Yi of nothing is more… than’s teenager that makes person Jing colourful. Come today check the ancient costume Bai Yi’s teenager in drama of movie and TV, it read the mind that having which is you is good to read the mind that having which is you.

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Bai Jingting is in ” small female flower is not abandoned ” in the Gu Na garment of personate one horn Gang Yiliang admired with respect to Jing the eyeball of the audience, and the portraiture that BGM also sang this role: You are whose white garment teenager, why be reluctant to leave the world. The sense that Bai Jingting gives a person is to take a bit chilly to give this world slightly, hanging pure white Bai Xuege to establish Yu Shan peak like Song Bai.

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Compare the appearance of an actor actually more the acting that what Jing admires is Luo Yunxi, the eyes in part of female of big dragon funeral from entreat despair to arrive to be contained completely again kill meaning, luo Yunxi deductive is honest too Jing is colourful. This one part gives a circle to also leave so not the dancing strength of Caire Yun Xi, ability presents the aesthetic feeling like the natural and smooth writing that make show for us.

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Xiao Zhan is in ” Chen Qing makes ” in but,the Weimo that act admires one horn reputably ceaseless, but most the teenager feeling that still listens to Wei Moxian of class hour period what make person Jing colourful to go up personally. Taking a sword to move toward you when this person, resemble extremely a childe of tasteful and amorous old and well-known family, inherent a pair of fragrant heart that laughing is results girls more. Xiao Zhan ever said, teenager feeling is not an age level, however a kind of interest, plant with this just about strong his ability the teenager fictile of 956 so clever.

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And turn exterminate into hill when teenager Wei Moxian old ancestor hind, tie-in and red hair takes Bai Yi much however a few minutes of unruly. This part is helped up besides lifetime eliminate traitors weak first the heart is moving, still have the affinity that is him Xiao Zhan, as if in the life that this individual lives in us.

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Excuse me to look in first time ” Chen Qing makes ” finally 6 collect when ability Get arrived Wang Yibo edition is blue forget the glamour of machine, of Wang Yibo personate blue forget machine it is the son of a feudal prince or high official of old and well-known family that a v/LIT standard defends a ceremony. He should make domestic plan the creed of life, encountering his life is invariable before Wei Moxian. After Wei Moxian appears, we just can see blue forget machine also have those who belong to a teenager is lively. And Wang Yibo is mixed with the eyes the movement will be blue forget machine these year change lets audience be clear at a glance.

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Xiao Zhan’s Wei Moxian is a cup of wine entrance letting a person namely drunk, and of Wang Yibo blue forgetting machine criterion is a cup of tea fragrant fragrance, the aftertaste is boundless! Wang Yibo is in ” have Fei ” medium Bai Yi modelling also is the teenager feels dye-in-the-wood, let a person the ten showing that need theatrical work in installment!

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