Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Gutty ” acting ” the tooth that calls hate is crawly, er fine long princess is not bad, see look wet nurse: Do not plunge into me It is to be able to have part of a few villain in drama in teleplay, have the value of a few gut next, male perhaps advocate female advocate it is very important that so the part of a few villain in drama returns not easy manner, especially the person with a few first-rate acting, the negative character that perform is the tooth itch of hate letting a person really, and also be to compare curiosity to have what classical part. What see above all is discriminate pass medium Cui Jin tide during the night, likelihood to a lot of people Cui Jin tide during the night is not bad, but according to gut for careful careful research, cui Jin night tide is the part of a very intentional machine, and the bad thing that do has a lot of, can say even female advocate beside also be one pace chess, very fierce still.

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The happy tower in extending happiness strategy namely next fine of dried meat Er, er fine this woman is particularly bad really, and the person that also is very intentional machine, according to gut for, be fond of fine of Er of tower dried meat is fully bad really, let what the person looks at hate be only too anxious to happy tower is beaten in developing play dried meat, be a part that allows a person to want vent one’s anger really.

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The princess grows in celebrating one’s remaining years namely next this part, growing a princess to be returned in chess of the cloth in drama is rife, and can saying is hidden great villain in drama, be no good darkly in the heart, and also be let a person liked not to rise, if sensory long princess is male, should meet rebel directly emperor.

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The in returning Zhugege namely look wet nurse that sees finally, it is good to must say the acting that allows wet nurse is so special, especially give or have an acupuncture treatment when, can weighs the nightmare that is a lot of people, hating the itch that get a tooth is true, dare be not being moved also is true, can not plunge into me, allowed wet nurse or special severe to kill, it is an acting clique.

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