Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Gutty ” ascend right ” cry double male advocate, town fetch and Chen Qing make become demarcate of summer vacation time, see them: Sit back and wait Believe young associate people had discovered a few this years, the teleplay that delay beauty changes is very popular, it is double for the most part male advocate, and be inside revise the emotional play of two people into brotherly affection, although still have very much small cully so of knock extremely, we look below double male advocate have after all how absorbing!

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In before a lot of people say Huang Xiaoming is fatter, but since saw this one teleplay, again not little person says Huang Xiaoming is in oil goes inside this one teleplay, not be the Chinese flowering crabapple spends this one teleplay by the side of hair on the temples namely, inside he is mixed Yin Zheng of two people interacting still is pretty sweetness, among them one eats ceaselessly namely eat, and additionally one is cast ceaselessly namely hello, did not think of some day makes fun of child the feeling with the general is OK also so good.

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These two people that should say finally also are proper red, it is Li Xianhe Chen Li farming, two their people seem to also want to film one is made greatly hand in hand, had not broadcasted now nevertheless, it is not quite clear also to pat, be bare fox student, two people also are to those who do Cp is in inside, although still do not know inside it is what case after all, but this group double male advocate also be enough make a person excited.

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