Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yi Fei of Liu of Yang Mi of Zhang Baizhi Zhang Min Dilireba, goddess of ancient costume drama answers eye to laugh, who most is Jing colourful? A of the suddenly childhood that think of swallow ” joyous day is fond of day of 7 fairy ” , the fairy in drama people each is beautiful arrive asphyxial, what think of swallow personate suddenly among them is violet, answer eye to laugh melting but person.

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Zhang Baizhi is door of jade female palm all the time before Zhang Baizhi, that delicate face beauty arrives be charmed making a person, answer eye to laugh appear she more clever.

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Zhang Min of goddess of drama of harbor of Zhang Min generation, can weighs the Zhao Min of her personate classical medium classical, her body rides Bai Ma in drama, answer eye suddenly shallow to Li Lianjie laugh that momently simply the United States arrives let a person be intoxicated.

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Yang Mi ” beauty calculation ” of medium Yang Mi pathos make popular feeling painful, warm when her an eye of the heart laugh at the instant, does that tenderness affect you?

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Dilirebareba’s ancient costume gave us a kind of peculiar beauty, she facial features is delicate, answer eye to laugh more appear very melting.

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The small Long Nv of Yi Fei of Liu Yifei Liu, it may be said was to give another besides Li Retong classical, wear pure and fresh white to grow skirt, laugh in an elegant eye, the Jing that is the United States really is day person.

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Jiang Qin is diligent the position that the Jiang of ancient costume belle of respecting old brand has her frequently frequently necessarily, she brings us too much surprise, static tender and can considerate, kinetic energy is convinced everybody, she what answer eye to laugh is warm heart elegant.

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