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Original title: Some actors perform decent total concern he is spy performs villain in drama to fear again leading role people do not work to cross him Have a kind of actor, from the most role that gives to begin to act it is villain in drama, so that his face appears on screen, regard him as with respect to of course ground big bad wolf. Although he acts, is a good person, you can feel he may be a spy, at any time possible change sides in a war, defect leading role people at hazardous condition. Xu Shaojiang is a kind of such actor. Mention his name, may most person does not remember, but the face that sees him, you are affirmative had seen in which teleplay. Its are honest most begin, he also is to act of 8 classics decent male, did not know to be gone forever from the journey that when begins to performing hellion slowly.

20220303070444 6220688ccaa76

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The theatrical work of strange unreal knight-errant that makes in Zhouyi movie and TV ” day of water month hole ” in, intermediate of Yin of great villain in drama of Xu Shaojiang personate, it is male originally advocate clansman, because make a group of things with common features compasses be driven out, practice drilled not only after a suit good time, still have actually what do not die is unripe, did many bad thing. Make in another the old cast ever since ” clever lens legend ” in, his personate a homonymic rascal.

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Shaped part of too much villain in drama, so that drama centers him to appear inaccessibly in good person Na Yibo later, feel he is met always also at any time turn one’s coat. Manage together still have in those days the teleplay of conflagration ” conceal ” the boss of the drugstore suspending aid of Liu Weichang personate autumn shopkeeper, be afraid that he is to lie always at the beginning bottom, until see he bites glossal commit suicide finally, the heart that just hanging eventually falls down.

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Explain keen of this kind of part still have plum hero, the actual strength such as Kaohsiung, Zhang Yaoyang, Ji Chunhua, Wu Zhenyu, Zou Zhaolong sends an actor, every time a lens, let a person shudder, do not get offline to dare not conclude they are good person or rascal after all to the part.

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