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Original title: Zhangxin is raided into Wu Qian new show, ren Jialun helps conduct propaganda, online lowliness lets Zhang Xincheng teach skate

20220303070524 622068b473037

This teleplay basically was told about ” fast slippery girl ” Tang snow is in university campus meet again ” ice hockey male god ” Li Yubing, two people are in angle is ice in dreamy process, harvest the story of true love. Wu Qian is in this drama of personate is Tang snow, it is one ever abandoned a dream because of the accident, be adjusted after the common undergraduate of animal medicine major, the part of demon of horse of the ghost in disposition, enthusiastic forthright and sincere and herself she has similar place however endless and identical.

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The Wu Qian personate that carrying fierce senior colonel on the head to spend honor to go out ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” one horn is without the Tang snow in to violate and feel, still remember her ever was being depended on ” small silent sheng ” one horn lets an audience love and remembered her. But most those who make a person impressive still is she is in ” choose day is written down ” medium expression, she will fall all sorts of falling small expression are taken those who hold is proper, the ancient clever essence like the girl also is deduced quite incisively and vividly, the appeal of this actor also lets the acting strength that the person saw she is solid.

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This she and the Cp that Zhang Xincheng comprises also are one face match, let a person cannot help thinking crack with teeth in mouth. Zhangxin puts one horn on the ice into personate goosefoot language, this part element has ” ice is magical ” say, each respect achievement is outstanding, the Leng Neimeng outside disposition, heavy ties of friendship, have take on. He in drama is the first love face in the dream of countless girls completely, treat female advocate, very the abdomen is black, can be him also very care about Tang snow, follow-up the plot of a play is fair sweet degree explode watch.

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Ren Jialun is in help such conduct propaganda saying: Admire so much namely ability is much art, so outstanding you, I just know you still can skate actually now, what do you still have won’t. Otherwise we two discuss, I support your show, you teach me to skate. Between utterance, appear very close, not only such, differ Zhang Xincheng replies, he is returned ” act on one’s own ” agreed.

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Online lowliness begs Zhang Xincheng to teach skating Ren Jialun too lovely also, looking to come out to hold the post of Jia Lun is want to learn to skate sincerely, this is come when taking the advantage of Zhang Xincheng to publicize new theatrical work ” do obeisance to division ” . In the star that is in all helping to publicize, article table of Ren Jialun also is the longest, look before he publicizes new theatrical work to early childhood to give a good friend Zhang Xincheng, do sufficient homework, the Li Yubing of Zhang Xincheng personate is having in the division in this drama ” ice is magical ” title.

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Must say Ren Jialun is very intentional also, nevertheless the friendship of two people lets a person envy really, can imagine the occasion that Zhang Xincheng teachs Ren Jialun to skate under the counter completely, certain very interesting. Be in besides Ren Jialun actually help beyond conduct propaganda, still our familiar a lot of star are in help publicize this drama, for instance the person such as Ning Huanyu of dragon of power of the Song Dynasty, Zhou Yutong, Home Deng. This drama really very sweet very nice theatrical work, do not know Zhang Xincheng and the Cp that Wu Qian comprises let you think crack with teeth in mouth?

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