Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: One is plant ” go fat ” call Gao Weiguang, pink is not wiped to change plasterer on the face, change is bigger than Huang Xiaoming The middleaged male star in wanting to say recreation is encircled now most be afraid of by the what kind of label on the picture? Before a list of names posted up is odd 3 in regular meeting has ” fat ” this word, surround Huang Xiaoming from Zhou Yi, once male star is thought to change by the audience ” oily ” , so inevitable can behave in drama of movie and TV suffer be restricted, “Go oily ” also be one overflows long way, extremely rare male star can return to clear sense afresh, be in before after Huang Xiaoming is successful, gao Weiguang also depends on series drama eventually ” go fat ” .

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Very may much person still does not know the yellow hierarch change in audience eye is from why and come, before because ” new Shanghai beach ” ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ” samite predestined relationship ” the reason that waits for set of part of content of characters in a play, of Huang Xiaoming ” oily ” outside arriving to make fun of from play inner tube, be in ” Chinese meal hall ” the feeling of strong president is further upward. What make a person did not think of however is one ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” the change that allows him emerges go up in screen, wipe smooth controversy with acting. Across, gao Weiguang also is same argument.

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” the Long Ling that ghost blows the lamp confuses hole ” after sowing, a lot of audiences eventually when the Chinese francolin chirp of Gao Weiguang personate, the finished before comparing Yu Zhi ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” for, this actor is looked at simply in drama with respect to unlike a person, the Di Jun before is had by gush much unlike heaven and earth in all advocate, the Chinese francolin chirp here has many reductive. The tattered dress that alls over less too much boils in a suit hole, deserve to go up not to wipe pink to change the face of plasterer, very difficult when this series drama appears imagination still has an actor to be met on modelling is ” dirtier Yue Shuai ” .

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(article when tasting younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice to do not have, his face ugly affectionate cries play)

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Each audience, do you feel what part lets Gao Weiguang fictile are you impressive?

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