Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Jia Ni completes the grow journey of luxuriant decay, new theatrical work ” young doctor ” , husband of partner Sun Yi. Present Zhang Jia Ni but more and more fire, still the message comes out recently, this another new theatrical work was about to want Zhang Jia Ni to pat, the name of this work cries ” young doctor ” , hear this name, more or less did everybody also guess a few content that tell about. To the acting of Zhang Jia Ni, everybody also is be obvious to all, her acting is in audience eye, still can encircle what can nod, if she will go out,act, natural audience also can be at ease. And this the hero of her partner is Dong Zijian, of Dong Zijian personate is an obstetrician, to this pair of new screen CP, but was full of,expect.

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With ” young woman fining jade ” Ni Zijin enters the Zhang Jia that goes out since performing art circle, got director and audience people favour. And she does not lose popular confidence, in ” see one shade deep and remote dream again ” in deduce the character temperament of pure girl extremely racily, and behead won many award. Though her wet behind the ears acting still has the feeling with acerbity blueness, but the impression that this kind of green breath still gave a person to leave profundity. Nevertheless, zhang Jia Ni still makes fun of to widen after this the road had a lot of attempt.

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New theatrical work of Zhang Jia Ni ” young doctor ” , husband of partner Sun Yi, deduce contemporary edition ” Guo Jing and Huang Rong ” , do you expect

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