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Original title: Yin Zhengxin drama is reincarnate ” take money ” ringleader of the operatic circle, reply netizen imparts have experience of upper part of a leg of pork Recently, the drama anthology that Huang Xiaoming, Yin Zheng, She Shiman acts the leading role ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” heating up on the net sow. The Shang Xirui of personate of place of the Yin Zheng in drama is ringleader of generation the operatic circle. Play of his on the stage a suit takes Jing colourful world, but merchant boss has a habit that gnaws a big upper part of a leg of pork first before act in an opera appears on the stage however. Not only such, shang Xirui still can eat very much, be being laughed to say by countless netizens is ” ganger taking money ” .

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Have popular science of the person that like Beijing opera, this one characteristic picture that Shang Xirui loves to eat upper part of a leg of pork should be to draw lessons from Cheng to send the founder of a school of learning the characteristic of Mr Cheng Yanqiu. The depict that these trifling matters of everyday life are in makes on one hand Shang Xirui this one character is more stereo, also be to using such means to greet to Great Masters of generation Beijing opera on the other hand.

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Not little netizen has summed up Shang Xirui to be in ” edge of hair on the temples ” medium eating is sowed close market, upper part of a leg of pork, deep-fried dough cake, sugarcoated haws on a stick, biscuit… no matter what eat, shang Xirui’s eating the photograph is particularly lovely, voracious big fast a cheek, let a person look to feel ~ of go with rice

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Although netizens are caring Yin to taking this drama rear body,weigh the issue of growth, but the big upper part of a leg of pork that he himself appears however or feels delicate is more important than weight ah ~ last night, he is online still impart the experience that the netizen has upper part of a leg of pork, this paragraph of character is described, let a person look to cannot help dribble ah…

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“Must get sodden, return so that taking the advantage of nice and warm, wear steamed bread, gnawing eat ” —

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Netizens also express, yin Zheng this is to eat upper part of a leg of pork to eat an experience to come absolutely. It is before this after all in titbits, yin Zheng is when the play staff the love it may be said to big upper part of a leg of pork is to be reflected incisively and vividly. One is tasted secretly first after end of upper part of a leg of pork comes up, delicious to ceaseless clap, still hasten let other actress taste. When be being pulled by the staff member finally, still keep saying ” I eat again, with respect to last ” .

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Say even the director, if upper part of a leg of pork with respect to remnant, that is about to take a feature article or story to upper part of a leg of pork first rapidly, “Or was eaten by Yin Zheng a little while ” .

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It is the person that changes even head portrait sauce upper part of a leg of pork after all, yin Zheng is beyond question absolutely to the love of upper part of a leg of pork…

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Look ” edge of hair on the temples ” , eat upper part of a leg of pork, most propbably this is many drama are confused people the near future most enjoyed status ~

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