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Original title: 1000 royal seal give easy melt act ” warm blood travels together ” , full martial element, worth while curtilage the home seeks theatrical work continuously Undeniable, ” warm blood travels together ” be very igneous teleplay, china’s hottest wet male easy melt A of personate of 1000 royal seal is easy, chong Liming of · of auspicious of Er of forehead of Huang Zitao personate, can attract a lot of audiences really.

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Should we define this work why a list of plays of subject matter? Saying is theatrical work of sign of hot-blooded youth encourage, have stated reason, after all inside a lot of is become red small fresh meat. If use gentle eye to go to look upon world, look upon performs art circle, also not was necessary originally actually is everywhere momently ” old show bone ” performing teleplay, that is solidify of a kind of class, very conservative very stubborn.

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But, I am willing more ” warm blood travels together ” regard work of subject matter of a military affairs as, because there are a few clear the court of a feudal rulers and the Republic of China to hand over the military uniform of the times inside work, the close Wei Jun that has a czar ” colourful situation time ” , even if this military affairs organizes be fiction, we also can ” warm blood travels together ” the film of martial subject matter that regards fiction as, on-the-spot record of and rather than piece.

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” warm blood travels together ” the first collect, introduced palace close Wei Jun ” colourful situation time ” genetic, told about easy melt the A Yiran of personate of 1000 royal seals should look for divine machine battalion to revenge. Next, chong Liming of · of frontal Er auspicious appeared. One’s previous experience of Chong Liming of · of frontal Er auspicious is full continent white flag, it is Eight Banners children certainly, the lumbar card that he shines in old horse a slap-bang shop shows, he is king of a county holds Bei Le. So, one surnames full person of Eerji, can be Bei Le, and be the Bei Le that county king holds? Is this the history in fact wear a band?

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Quiet day is very much imperial son for instance of Kang Xi 13 child offspring auspicious any the rank of nobility that did not get father emperor gives, although he is in,Yong Zhengchao is sealed to be happy infante. That is to say, the Bei Le of quiet day must surname love to become aware newly collect, disengaged imperial clan and blame royalty member can obtain a fair Hou Baizi only the aristocratic title such as Dou Wei of male 5 kinds of the rank of nobility and Yun Douwei, small car. Chong Liming of · of frontal Er auspicious can be first-class fair, but won’t be Bei Le absolutely.

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