Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Recreation is a circle, two cummer each other has Xie Zuxin be mixed, complete because of ” discriminate is passed ” he Recently ” Qing Pingle ” heat is sowed let low-key long already Xie Zuxin makes a central point once more. In drama the Zhang Mao of new personate of middle period ancestor shows consideration for composed, tender deep feeling, with the men and women advocate the relationship is close, it is one of important roles that boost gut. Part person has been set, oneself acting is online also, next topics that let Xie Zuxin spend two respects addition to be climbed continuously litre.

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Before long Xie Zuxin is patted by media before answer abode together rather with Zhang Jia, doubt is like had lived together. Xie Zuxin sees before when Zhang Jia coulds there be, be being greeted immediately, go during, and help the bag that she is carrying packets of big packet actively, male friendly strength is very.

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And this is not two people first time be patted by media.

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Handsome male beautiful female collocation raises a key point originally, more what is more,the rather that both sides is the young actor with good acting, without what each other are negative news, harvested the blessing of masses eating melon naturally.

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Interesting is, well-known Xie Zuxin once had talked about love with Jiang Xin. The Xie Zuxin when be acquainted first and Jiang glad have not conflagration, xie Zuxin is depended on later ” step by step Jing heart ” have one’s moment.

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Jiang Xin criterion because ” discriminate is passed ” medium wonderful performance explodes quickly fire, the career is climbed ceaselessly litre.

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Divide the exterior time of the hand unlike general sweethearts peace, after Jiang Xin and Xie Zuxin part company, both sides never alludes the other side has any bad place. Should the rumor circulates, jiang Xin also appears personally for many times deny, state she and Xie Zuxin just return to a friend to concern, two people as the family member.

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Xie Zuxin also had found his happiness nowadays, in the blessing Xie Zuxin and Zhang Jia can repair Cheng Zhengguo rather while, also hope Jiang Xin can encounter that Mr.Right that can accompany lifetime at an early date. The person with each heart kind-hearted tenderness, won’t love disappoint.

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