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Original title: Chen Guanxi gives assistant go off with to maintain computer, relapse urge again and again: Must follow closely the ground to be being defended 2008, chen Guanxi’s assistant ” Long Ge ” , the computer that taking him goes maintaining, because be familiar with shop very much, long Ge puts down computer, installed a person’s mind to leave. Because be before maintenance, all data in computer are deleted, clear also sky dustbin, the home of riches and honour of Chen Guanxi one’s previous experience, father Chen Zemin is Hong Kong’s famous rich and powerful people. , chen Zemin the driver oneself ” Long Ge ” the group goes taking care of a son, “Long Ge ” take care of the childe the ground meticulously, chen Guanxi feels long-unseen warmth, he ever said: “Long Ge resembles is my father same. ” Long Ge some feel extremely flattered path: “Can fasten so say, your father will be grouchy. ” later, begin to enter as Chen Guanxi swing recreation to encircle, ground of Long Ge follow a rational line to do some work well became his assistant. Depending on the condition with advantageous oneself, with father this big backer, chen Guanxi mixes the unboiled water that get wind to rise in the circle for a short while, leave it is racing bike, good to hand in cummer not successful. The most brilliant when, lian Chenglong ever predicted, in future Chen Guanxi’s consequence can surmount him. However, originally everything good, however the thing because of an arise suddenly, stop abruptly. , chen Guanxi’s computer drinks water suddenly, after deleting the material in computer, chen Guanxi gives maintenance of go off with of dragon elder brother, relapse urge again and again: “When maintaining, must follow closely the ground to be being defended. Must follow closely the ground to be being defended..

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Long Ge was taking computer to enter store of a maintenance, he is familiar with that shop very much, consider the thing inside has been deleted again, reclaim repeatedly the station is clear empty, because this dragon elder brother does not have hour,defending. Because,also be this one neglect, the photograph in computer is restored stealthily by maintenance technician, divulged go out, because a few star are in the photograph, caused not minor sensation very quickly. Incident ferments through, was just as scamper to open boiler, before reaching many 200 reporter, go surrounding a Chenguan to hope, concern of the Tan Lin that chant has killer to mix mark among them, combine the person such as Ceng Zhiwei secretly convoy Chen Guanxi leaves. The eye sees a got-up affair sends irremediable, chen Guanxi must hold a press conference. Allegedly, the spot amounts to 500 alarm force dispatchs, pull on 5 cordon, serious case set still asks Chen Guanxi puts on ballproof garment, achieved historical record. On the press conference, chen Guanxi apologizes to female star of all experience thing, take the error on him body, announce to will exit recreational group without deadline, limelight just had the tendency that is pressed to go down, subsequently Chen Guanxi goes abroad take refugee, the career of at the summit of one’s power stops abruptly subsequently. Same, get of embroil still have A Jiao and Zhang Baizhi, what two people are damaged is a career not merely, sentient still. Because of,Chen Guanxi is done not have this cannot recover after a setback, founded individual card CLOT, allegedly now already year earn U.S. dollor of a few ten million. , chen Guanxi be a guest ” Kang Xi came ” , compere small S asks him: “Now if your computer is again broken, do you return meeting go off with to repair? Do you return meeting go off with to repair??

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