Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Gather up sauce makings is ceaseless: Just a little of those the Eight Diagrams that you do not know 3

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Xu of Yan of The First makings fine social status rose now two into, still resource of movie and TV searchs came The Second makings passes Du Jiang to divorce with Huo Saiyan all the time, it is influential to Du Jiang’s career, a few square meetings are afraid that other sets to turn over and dare not look for him to take sport, so these two days of hot search that they just did a surf kiss come out, tell the outside their feeling to very stable The Third expects Shen Mengchen is arranging so called entire network now Yang Nana of Europe of makings of The Fifth of makings of round The Fourth of the most beautiful a matron of honour rejects everything now foolish The Sixth of Bai Tian play expects Zhang Binbin is furtive li of never mind is too great frame, bottom drama is current and provisional ” peaceful An Rumeng ” , predict to will switch on the mobile phone in May The Seventh makings guesses happy: [the following content all is built to make up chaos why, the story is written before sleeping every night, please not optional check the number is entered, it is false! It is false! It is false! Important thing should say several times] him Ren Xing carries these, as a result all became his boiler now; Be pregnant accidentally at the outset, oneself did not destroy the child, acceptance marriage unripe child has been very bore the blame, after destroying the child otherwise, part company, who knows again? Alien knows this circle wants one year to destroy how many child far from; Yun Dao feels male now should divorce only, first wrong half, if the schoolgirl does not have principle mistake, even if the schoolboy also does not have principle mistake, can become broken bits as before male, this is bias; Many people scold cloud knife loiter to heat up search in that, this time everybody treats unjustly him really, this hot search has nothing to do with him, be piece just buy, did not inform him beforehand there; After Yun Dao sees hot search, find immediately piece square, ask why they don’t agree to fry this kind of thing through oneself, do not know this thing is very bad to him influence? Did not think of a square a bit not to leave feelings, say directly even if acclaim how? Is the action business that your privacy makes fun of to this caused how old affect yourself to not be clear about? We are the faults that make up for you in beautiful money, you return blame to removed us to come, do otherwise you come to the loss had been drawn out? By piece after just rancorring, yun Dao cans say nothing, gloomy ground went back20220303071033 622069e93c2d4

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