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Original title: The uncle of great minds mature slowly people mode of open bully screen

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Thunder favorable reply: “Former husband elder brother ” open year of bully screen Guo Jingfei: “Noonday sunshine ” it is Bai Le Zhang Yi: Zhang Yi is sought in letting him grow to give the teleplay that act a few years in sequel, zhang Yi even if is hero, also be gold ” greenery ” , its topic heat differs bit of duration from beginning to end: He acted the leading role ” hot Mom is being passed ” , but what give a group finally is ” hot Mom ” grandson couple; He acted the leading role ” female not powerful day nots allow ” , what give a group finally is ” big reporter ” the sea is clear; He acted the leading role ” good lord ” , heat is divided to go by another hero Li Chen however half. Nevertheless, zhang Yiyong is far not urgent not impetuous, hardheaded perform good play. Till 2017, he just depends on what cooperate with abundant peach ” chicken feather flies on a day ” behead obtains optimal hero of award of the 23rd white yulan magnolia award, 10 years when ended drama market group ” accompany run ” road. 2015, by the film ” dear ” take prize of the 30th golden pheasant after award of optimal male costar, zhang Yi also begins to be in moviedom ” load ” . Especially recently two years, zhang Yi and Zhang Yi are sought in ” a second ” ” over cliff ” ” sharp-shooter ” cooperate 3 times, let its acting get space of huge put to good use, ” over cliff ” more let him win award of the 34th golden pheasant optimal hero award. From moviedom ” optimal male costar ” arrive ” optimal hero ” , zhang Yi used 6 years. After gaining industry reputation, no matter be,still be in teleplay in the film, show share of Zhang Yi becomes more arduous. Pan Yueming: Not urgent not the opportunity such as impetuous Mr. Pan disposition is not fortunately urgent not impetuous, do not have working day, curtilage the home keeps calligraphy, picture, cultivate one’s morality raises a gender. 2017, the suspense inference drama that Pan Yueming acts the leading role ” white night is chased after fierce ” become suddenly explode money theatrical work, his one person cent acts the role of twin brother to close Hong Feng, Guan Hongyu, disparate kidney explanation gets by superb, let audience meaning still was not used up. Who can think of, ” white snake is passed ” in Bai Yi waves those who wave ” God ” Xu Xian is returned to once more, can turn the belt on the face into scar, acting Oh ” middleaged uncle ” . Qin Hao: Successful transition TV is encircled this year is Qin Hao into go the 20th year. Recently 5 years, qin Hao patted 10 teleplay, the teleplay amount total that takes before the amount compares him 15 years is even much. The audience that familiar movie and TV encircles knows, ceng Zhuan of Hao of the Qin Dynasty is noted at film, and it is literary a male god, the main actor’s film does not calculate small numerous, but not be pure business piece, lack national flow, include: ” Qing Gong ” ” the night that spring breeze gets drunk ” ” sunshine Chongqing ” ” thing of float city mystery ” ” massage ” ” the person that enter ” wait. Qin Hao’s label is acting masterly, temperamental melancholy, not ground connection is angry. Without doubt, of the marriage that those who let fall to the ground of Hao of the Qin Dynasty is he and Yi Nengjing, daughter be born, and subsequently and the domestic sense of responsibility that come. Yu Hewei: Photodrama collect all breaks through Yu Hewei is ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” pink, before his professional career 20 years, most the part of humanness take delight in talking about is in just about ” new the Three Kingdoms ” in the Liu Bei of personate. 2016, costar career of Yu Hewei greets a favourable turn, he is in in those days explode drama of tactics of paragraph ancient costume ” the counsellor of Si Mayi of main forces division is allied ” in personate Cao Cao, won award of the 24th white yulan magnolia by right of this part award of optimal male costar. Link ” gold costar ” never absent in recent years, recreational group still has a batch of person to enrage the costar uncle that rises urgently, although they are not ” big male advocate ” , but of personate every ” nobody ” , make an audience photographic, strike the table and shout bravo. A lot of actors are in suffer the habit when visitting to say a word: “Without small part, have young actor only. ” without doubt, these gold costar uncle, it is ” small part, great actor ” delegate. Liu Yijun is ” noonday department ” hold red actor in both hands: He is to be in first ” parental love ” ” north is smooth without war ” water tries in the drama that waits for noonday sunshine, follow-up show share gradually arduous. 2015, liu Yijun is in explode money theatrical work ” the person that pretend ” in the army all secret service with cruel and evil, suspicious natural disposition holds personate concurrently v/arc drillmaster Wang Tianfeng, be in then ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” in personate the Ning Guohou of very grave, experienced and astute thanks tall weight, scheming jade. After figure of solid villain in drama of consolidate of Liu Mr Yi, in ” he came, close a key point please ” ” surgical wind and cloud ” also personate villain in drama. Interesting is, recently two years, road of play of Liu Yijun change, no matter be ” sweep black storm ” medium ” He Yong ” , or ” germinant ” medium ” Zhang Cheng ” , deduce the police of just stern, also be to the model has kind. Ni of Wu Gang of Wang Yanhui of Zhang Song article is bright red

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