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Original title: What Xu Kai says and kiss play big marriage can act to make up for Fu Heng on Wu Jin character is regretful (civil / Shu Shu pursues / Luo Luo) the ancient costume Li Zhimei that by Xu Kai, Wu Jin character presents as leading role to act the leading role feeds drama ” still feed ” heating up in sowing, xu Kai recently recreation of Sohu of be a guest ” the star works in the same place ” , arrive to be mixed again a little of partner of Wu Jin character experience, speak bluntly each other are familiar with two people can have jumped to adjust period begin all sorts of show directly, also sigh with emotion of two people before cooperating to be made up for not only again the regret of drama pink, also made up for Fu Heng’s regret. To ” still feed ” have name of a CP afresh, the answer that Xu Kai gives out is: “Fund couple ” , still emphasizing designedly is ” the fund of the stock ” , have straighten to have again ” money ” . The spot that be asked about can take stage property, xu Kai ” take money ” attribute is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine, “One is assured and bold with justice ” saying to take stage property is to try play, “Cooked rice person ” the person is established.

20220303080013 6220758daf266

It is interlocution memoir below: Sohu recreation: The tall smooth name that forecasts next one meetings to appear occasion. Xu Kai: ” still feed ” it is ascend the throng when. Sohu recreation: ” still feed ” releasing a flower of calm archives to go up to heat up search is Xu Kai person of new theatrical work sets nice area to feel, feeling of which inner tube is you feel? Xu Kai: I had not nodded this to heat up search, I also do not know which inner tube feels, do you feel which inner tube feels? Sohu recreation: That ” still feed ” mix again sincerely what kind of fresh feeling does character collaboration have? Xu Kai: Because of everybody each other are familiar with quite, so I feel the freshest cannot say fresh, should be to come up two people can have saved adjusted level, come up to be able to perform all sorts of play, come up to be able to enter sport, make fun of e.g. the kiss, it is OK that I come up, we can perform kiss play, jumped over an awkwardness among and adjusted level. Sohu recreation: Is there the feeling that produces the sort of metempsychosis? Feel a dream to answer namely? Xu Kai: Have little, but the identity differred, next the role is different also, so half half, can think inside that scene occasionally a few. Sohu recreation: Big finally marriage a few regrets before was being made up for, next vermicelli made from bean starch says crack with teeth in mouth arrives. Xu Kai: Yes, made up for Fu Heng’s regret. Sohu recreation: Pat cate drama to be able to a lot of moment do not control him? Xu Kai: Can, be in e.g. me the spot, have those who send chaffy dish, have the show of chaffy dish, after calling card next, I still am continueing to eat, yes, this is all sorts of eating prop of what. Sohu recreation: Then you take stage property all the time, does prop teacher have very headache? Xu Kai: Won’t, they prepared a lot of, actually that preparation comes even if let what we eat, you pat play to also want to eat, I just make fun of to try just, then I continue to eat, you also cannot say me. Sohu recreation: The new theatrical work that can be oneself now has name of a CP afresh. Xu Kai: Fund couple. The fund of the stock. ” still feed ” sow at leaving on Feburary 22, 2022, told about Damingyonglenian, girl Yao Zijin (Wu Jin character is acted the role of) selected to still feed bureau lady-in-waiting, hold to the pursuit of pair of China cate craft all the way, get acquainted with friendship and encounter love, final the Huang Taisun with brilliant mind fierce Zhu Zhan radical (Xu Kai is acted the role of) the story of encourage annals affection that bosom friend photograph accompanies.

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