Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Actor Ding Xiaoying denies with Guo kylin amour: Really melon comes up from the day

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On March 3, actor Ding Xiaoying responds to the amour red with Guo Qilin to hear in dispatch of date of individual company hand over the accounts, match a piece of chatting cut with the friend to pursue, ding Xiaoying is helpless expressing is discovery issueing ability reminds in the friend oneself and Guo Qilin passed red to hear, but response ” not be me really ” ” this is melon comes from the sky really ” . It is reported, recently, guo Qilin is patted with one pink garment the woman is kissed in the street, doubt is like amour exposure, the netizen guesses red hears the identity of cummer in succession, the Jiang before this is supple already dispatch response expresses to deny.

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