Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: After marriage of celestial bodies of dream of Du Haitao Shenyang first fit man hand takes milk to receive wife good conjugal love!

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Recently, changsha airport goes receiving Shen Mengchen before media of the Eight Diagrams pats Du Haitao, this also is two people after Guan Xuan marriage first the airport is open and fit. Shenyang dream is calling after celestial bodies be born, du Haitao is taking milk to be extended suddenly single-handed the wife gives the surprise before Shen Mengchen, a hand still is taking a mobile phone to record this sweetness hour, can say dispute often has interest! Subsequently, du Haitao has taken Shen Mengchen’s boot actively, two people have say to parking lot laugh face goes, the life after visible marriage is more sweet li of attune is oily, envy making a person!

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