Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Jiang Yi denies according to doubt with Guo kylin amour: Grow to still be done not have greatly so had drunk wine

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On March 3, jiang Yi is depended on in dispatch of date of individual socialization Zhang, state oneself grow to still be done not have greatly so in article had drunk wine, doubt is like denying the amour rumor with Guo Qilin. It is reported, kylin of Guo of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company was patted by media of the Eight Diagrams recently dine together together with woman of one pink garment, in roadside hair drier rests after powdery garment woman is malty, guo Qilin comes round to support sb with hand, two people are interactive and happy, powdery garment woman kisses Guo Qilin directly on the ave even, doubt is like amour exposure, subsequently the netizen guesses according to the photograph, this woman may be Jiang Yi is depended on.

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