Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Neflix is brand-new Chinese drama anthology ” imitate make ” Wu Kangren of Lin Xinru of announce of battle array official Ke Jia joins in

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Recently, neflix is brand-new Chinese drama anthology ” imitate make ” if Guan Xuanlin heart joins in, of Wu Kangren, Ke Jia acts the leading role, chun Yao of Tuo Zonghua, Yao, Fan Shaoxun, Jiang Yirong, Xia Tenghong also join act. This drama breaks up pat homonymic and popular from beautiful snow of department of recreation of Japanese inference writer novel, if Zhang Rongji and Zhang Heng are collective hold guide, story set at Taiwan 90 time later period, if the TV station appears like emerge, media the 4th authority is arisen the main setting in also making album. In ” imitate make ” medium the Lin Xinru of special show will give a program perform news Taichun to hang close inspect the husband that assure advocate sow Yao Yaci. Day edition ” imitate make ” drama anthology was rolled out 2016, by in Gu Meiji and Bankoujiantailang act the leading role.

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