Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Dream workshop animation is brand-new master piece ” rascal is allied ” affirm introduce inland South Chen Yingni of dispatch reporter Xu Xiaolei’s trainee thinks all along ” good ” transition of uninteresting 5 rascal purpose becomes paradigmatic citizen, the process lets a person however ” poor ” dot laugh is dead! A few days ago, what be made by company of dream workshop animation and issue by round-the-world movie industry is brand-new animation comedy film ” rascal is allied ” already affirmed land of the home in introducing, archives expects to decide. This piece archives already was decided before this North America will be shown on April 22.

20220303100011 622091ab637a9

” rascal is allied ” regard an animation as comedic film, adapt from homonymic and popular caricature. Story around spider of guest of shark of big bad wolf, avaricious snake, beautiful abdomen, maneating fish, be astonished 5 big bad wolves comprise ” rascal is allied ” spread out. Feel all along ” good ” uninteresting rascal people the fraud that attempts to carry out them to have challenge sex most up to now — become paradigmatic citizen. The road of transition lets a person however ” poor ” dot laugh is dead. This piece by ” kongfu panda ” series animation division Biaier Peilifeier hold guide, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of hill Mu · overcomes the Weir, Aokafeina, dub such as Ailikesi Bunuositing. Is rascal allied will how transition? Screen sees reason!

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