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Original title: The dream breaks the director encircles: Green literature writer takes the place of first cross a boundary ” be puzzled “

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Write civil | Long wind edits | Li Kexin inscribes a graph | IC Photo ” the four seas ” ” to turn over ” let Han Han make a central point again, this film shows the first day, “The whole word is ugly ” if the problem develops small gain to heat up search a list of names posted up. If compose a circle to have memory, the writer that can write down so that on one suffers such blow is Guo Jingming. Guo Jingming is entered than Han Han travel is even a bit earlier. 2013, guo Jingming with ” Xiaoshi is acting ” step movie and TV formally to encircle, go up in booking office make a great coup, this film refresh film market is multinomial record, include the platoon of 45% piece rate, first days of person-time watching a movie of 2.1 million and first days of booking office 73 million yuan, booking office of final accumulative total is as high as 483 million yuan. Guo Jingming does not have fire in circle of movie and TV how long, greeted the old rival that encircles in writing. 2014, han Han hold guide ” hind can not have period ” show, declare enters ring of movie and TV, later run quickly madly all the way with the director’s identity, in next a few years early or late hold guided ” brave the wind and waves ” ” gallop life ” wait for public praise to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera pair of films that accept. What Guo Jingming and Han Han are in what movie and TV encircles is successful, let rush up in a crowd of writer of more person of the same trade, but circle of movie and TV is bad to mix. The 4th film of Han Han ” the four seas ” aftereffect is insufficient, guo Jingming from hold guide ” Xiaoshi is acting ” begin to be sealed to be sodden piece king, ” the rank of nobility is slash ” odium is to let him weep in public more, director of new personality writer falls those who fall ” remnant person for king ” box-office only 61 million. Visible, it is so easy that writers want to a cup of a thick soup is divided in moviedom and be done not have. The person creating a dream that the hand holds heavy gold 2013, guo Jingming depends on popular novel ” Xiaoshi is acting ” series, took the ticket that movie and TV encircles. ” Xiaoshi is acting ” once series is published harvested a large number of readers. Books course of study is the most authoritative at that time ” pop chart of open a book to read ” show, in January 2010 the portion monitors sales volume pop chart in, just appeared on the market before long ” Xiaoshi is acting 2 ” created data of open a book to read in order to surpass the monitoring number of 100 thousand 11 years to come dummy the new record of kind of books, it is books of another sell like hot cakes ” humble abode ” of 5 times, ” Xiaoshi is acting 1 ” also on a list of names posted up famous, rank in order to surpass the monitoring volume of 56 thousand the 2nd. This caused the attention of capital. Circle of movie and TV makes content be current at that time ” head IP+ discharge stars ” , director rank is joined in the actor such as Xu Zheng, Zhao Wei and roll out successfully ” peaceful ” , ” send youth ” hind, experience the capital that directs flow to celebrity to begin to dig this kind of talent, guo Jingming serves as ” the top sheds a writer ” satisfied this one requirement, be become by production square pitch on ” Xiaoshi is acting ” director, moviedom of successful ascend body. The Han Han that has published many popular novel likewise also relies on oneself consequence to draw investment square, make up oneself guided oneself the film is maiden ” hind can not have period ” . With capital expect same, the first movie that two writers direct is very successful, showed 2013 ” Xiaoshi is acting ” booking office of film accumulative total is 484 million yuan, showed 2014 ” hind can not have period ” more get the better of one prepare, accumulative total is box-office 629 million yuan. After make a good beginning, guo Jingming and Han Han go more suitable more for a time on the director’s road, show later ” Xiaoshi is acting 2 ” ” Xiaoshi is acting 3 ” ” Xiaoshi is acting 4 ” also obtained good gains, booking office of 4 films accumulative total amounts to 1.786 billion yuan, average every 446 million yuan. Han Han also jumps over Zhan Yueyong, the work later ” brave the wind and waves ” ” gallop life ” obtained right result, latter booking office exceeds 1.7 billion. The success of Guo Jingming and Han Han allows capital more and more favour writer director. The item of the first film that owner of the movie in A charges directs with respect to out writer Zhang Jiajia ” ferry person ” , zhang Jiajia has depended on popular novel at that time ” the world from you is transient ” win reader of one numerous vermicelli made from bean starch, ” ferry person ” play with respect to out one of this novel paragraphic. Industry of the movie in A is opposite this ” popular IP+ discharge stars + celebrity is directed ” film have a well-thought-out plan, invested a large number of capital for its. Be in merely build up Liang Chaowei, Jin Chengwu, old Yi Xun, Angelababy acts the leading role, on the star of a gleam of such as Li Yu spring, Xiong Dai forest, Lu Han, paid many actors remuneration only. In movie and TV the circle can obtain the drive of more interest to fall, the writer also is happy transition becomes a director. ” hind can not have period ” producer Fang Li expresses publicly, han Han exceeds ten million in the share out bonus in this film, yuan Chao firstly year millions of royalty income (copyright uses fee) . In capital aid force to fall, the writer that wants to encircle minute of cup a thick soup in movie and TV flocks and go up, the team that the writer directs is sent more expand. 2015, cold Ning Gen occupies him novel ” still · loves ” make up self-guided oneself ” the undeserved kindness that confuse condition ” show in the cinema; Of the same age, fall the novel that falls to will be created in order to direct the identity ” remnant person for king ” move big screen; 2016, zhang Yue makes work in his new a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book like that express on the meeting, masterpiece ” narcissus already went by the carp ” had planned to adapt for the film, oneself may hold the position of a director. Nevertheless, rely on only hold guide oneself fiction writing, far still can’t have next directors this bowl of meal. ” the undeserved kindness that confuse condition ” later, leng Ning was directed one after another again achieve a play formerly ” the ghost that does not escape to go out curtilage ” ” cunning curtilage beautiful shadow ” and net drama ” the secret that protects school woman student ” , fall fall, Guo Jingming begins to send force the novel IP of other writer, former director ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” (adapt from Guo Jingming homonymic novel) , latter was directed ” fine elegant collect ” series (adapt from Japanese author novel ” division of yin and yang ” ) and teleplay ” be! Still gentleman ” . Encircle infiltration in movie and TV ” Guo Jingming people ” writer identity begins to fall off. Rose 2014, guo Jingming also had not published new book again, newest work of Han Han still stayed 2014 ” confess and leave ” , what content tells about is the heart road course that he is a director from writer transition. Fall fall after becoming a director, ” Quan Yuzhou so far the end ” hind did not have phonic message twice, still the book was confused last year in its area of small gain comment urges draft.

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Graph source: Fall fall article of small gain net ” bowstring ” publication course of study 80 hind circle of movie and TV of fight in some places one by one of collective of green literature writer and network literature rise abruptly, the tradition publishs course of study with each passing day type is small not without the relation. Differ with net article author, deep ploughing basically passes a book to take royalty at the writer of traditional literature, establish magazine or hold a post to get income at the means of magazine company, guo Jingming, Han Han, Rao Xue overflows what writing a novel, established ” most novel ” ” literary wind is resembled ” ” solo is round ” wait for a magazine, ” most novel ” 1 million exceed in circulation of terminally of summit summit period. Wave of publisher road gold ever pointed out, even if ” most novel ” every issue to earn a yuan of money only, guo Jingming also has close ten million every year yuan income. But gain ground as Internet, network literature develops quickly, publication course of study is encountered cold. Wind database shows, published what the industry exceeds 70% to appear on the market 2018 company income increase rate is in 20% the following, include to count the company of an increase rate that lose a value among them. To writers, no matter be,the magazine sells below this kind of big environment, be an exceedingly meaning no longer. The times is read in the mobile phone, ” reader ” ” bosom friend ” ” meaning forest ” wait for view of old brand magazine no longer. According to tiger smell report, as 8, the mental upland of 90 time, ” reader ” in 2004, the month 2007 issues an amount to achieve 4 million above, achieve ” the first periodical of China and Asia, world ranks the 4th periodical ” mythological, but still be the metabolic be issued to lower levels in the times comes after all was on decline, its month circulation drops from near 10 million of 2006 4.87 million of 2018, ” bosom friend ” ” the story is met ” wait for a magazine to also do not have the market more and more. be judged to be optimal design magazine by Asian publication association for many times ” new line of vision ” , meaning forest medium is subordinate extremely red temporarily ” meaning forest Miss · little ” and Ming Xiaoxi holds the position of executive chief editor ” celestial being spends luck to pull ” . According to coverage of tiger smell network, only 2018 first half of the year, domestic stop publication or cease the press of print has 20 or so. The magazine that the writer such as Xue Man of Guo Jingming, forgive establishs also is become among them. By 2018, guo Jingming establishs ” literary wind is resembled ” in Guan Wei dispatch says ” the real reason that drops as a result of type of bluff of publication course of study ” , ” literary wind is resembled ” stop publication. And before this, ” most novel ” had been book of selection of subject from magazine correcting. 2012, forgive Xue Man establishs ” free schoolgirl ” also announce stop publication. The magazine does no less than going to, to these writers, write a novel to took royalty to also become a tickler. After network literature is arisen, “Guo Jingming people ” more was ineffective. Open a book to read ever released an article to point out, in 2003-2006 year during, the work of the person such as the Guo Jingming, baby that install Ni, Ming Xiaoxi emerges in endlessly, it is dummy all the time kind of frequenter in sheet of a list of names posted up, especially of Guo Jingming ” unreal city ” ” time of right hand of left hand inverted image ” ” the flower in the dream falls how much to know ” wait for a book, ever all was in continuously a list of names posted up 20 months above. But from 2005 ” kill celestial being ” ” ghost blows the lamp ” ” rob a tomb takes notes ” wait for network novel to roll out paper domain postscript in succession, the writer such as Guo Jingming, Han Han is not protected in the position of the press. Open a book to read studies the report shows, 2006-2010 year during, this kind of space is long, the book of net article paper with much fascicule, it is OK to cover a department by only come true in sheet of a list of names posted up of open a book to read ” bully a list of names posted up ” , “Fight Luo Daliu ” series is among them one of. In sheet of a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of fiction of past years of open a book to read, this series books is on odd front row of a list of names posted up all the time, very tall person energy of life is had in group of high school student, the person such as Wu Zhe enrages the work of net article author to often also go up a list of names posted up. 2021, book of net article paper more the impetus that becomes a lot of publication units to promote the market portion. Chinese sound resembles publishing association to release with the number ” literature of 2020 China network develops a report ” show, dimensions of market of Chinese network literature achieved 24.98 billion yuan 2020, dimensions of network literature user reachs 460 million person, day all active user is seven million five hundred and seventy-seven thousand five hundred person about. A large number of potential readers that net article cent took the work such as Guo Jingming, Han Han, bring about acute of its work sales volume to decrease. Capital just is in respect of store up IP also more work of apt net article, ” literature of 2020 China network develops a report ” mention, network literature IP adapted a quantity to be 8059 2020, among them, adapt for drama of movie and TV, move free, publication of game, paper quality and other kind share 724. Large trade depression just meets capital is cast again come olive, “Guo Jingming people ” take advantage of an opportunity and for, have more with directing the identity to be entered ” money ” the circle of movie and TV of road. Explode a formulary malfunction but in movie and TV is encircled and imagining so good mix. Of Guo Jingming ” Xiaoshi is acting ” although series movies acquired pretty good booking office, but be hit to differ by masses collective however judge, 2016 hold guide ” the rank of nobility is slash ” also fail to escape by group the destiny of ridicule, on fabaceous valve, the grading of these film all is in 5 minutes the following, guo Jingming also is weighed to rot a director, fall fall, the work of the person such as Zhang Jiajia also fares badly. In the past, writer director is OK still have the aid of ” head IP+ discharge stars ” the motion picture encircling money that this one formula takes satisfaction of those representing capital of sell one’s own things, but the instantly of king is in content, this formula also was out of order. 2015, zhang Jiajia directs ” ferry person ” show, even if play is adapted from popular novel, again a large number of people such as old Yi Xun, Angelababy, Lu Han, Jin Chengwu enrage star to join in, but 483 million booking office still anticipates not as good as. Zhang Jiajia ever expressed when accepting media to interview, ” ferry person ” booking office achieves 1 billion ability to answer this. Of the same age, fall fall hold guide, shu Qi, Peng Yuyan, Xiong Dai forest acts the leading role ” remnant person for king ” box-office income has 61 million only. In last few years, this one phenomenon is more apparent. Showed 2019 ” Shanghai fort ” make a typical case. This is adapted by homonymic novel, the film that top shedding stars Lu Han acts the leading role not only public praise collapse, 120 million yuan booking office also makes investment square suffer huge loss, ” Shanghai fort ” cast one of those representing capital China inspect book of recreational raise capital by floating shares to show, china the investment that inspects recreation to be in this is occupied than be 3 into, draft investment to had achieved 108 million yuan. According to computation of this kind of means, cost of this total investment will achieve 360 million yuan. Those who have a large number of drama to confuse ” love apartment ” , built up of a large number of star ” apotheosis legend ” also attack in succession street.

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Graph source: China inspect book of recreational raise capital by floating shares contrary, a few small cost films that do not have star to do not have IP are making booking office ” a dark horse ” . 2018 ” I am not medical god ” ” anonymous generation ” , 2019 ” the world of demon Tong Jiang of which Zha ” wait for the film to achieve the number, box-office result of billions of, make work of year phenomenon course. 2021 ” my elder sister ” drive even in those days shadow of China of refresh of Pure Brightness archives history with record of booking office of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. This film that does not have big star, big setting is inside schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater with the booking office of 378 million row the first, broke Hollywood is big ” Gesila is big battle King Kong ” the forestall to this schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. A few even if draw near without top shedding body, but the net drama with excellent content, also show itself ceaselessly. As add without large flow those who hold is infinite collect drifting theatrical work, ” germinant ” in the line on Tecent video 16 days, accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to defeat 1.3 billion, take hat of day of heat of cat eye entire network below 12 times, although do not have what in recent years bid of project of S+ class movie and TV matchs ” ” top flows + big IP ” ” , but become however year explode paragraph, the S+ course that acts the leading role with Li Yifeng is ancient occasionally drama ” lens · twin city ” form bright contrast. ” germinant ” after giving a group, sun Zhonghuai of online video CEO ever was sending Tecent friend group shows, explode the paragraph need not count discharge actor or artist, what the firm that make should increase oneself is professional, actor cruel also is appealing production square many good work. Capital had transformed investment thinking dimension, hot Qian Zheng is in refluent, no matter be the film or teleplay, resemble ” Xiaoshi is acting ” the content of the sort of MV type can no more have attracted an audience. Turn the Guo Jing Mingceng that becomes a director expresses, if want to make a choice between art and commerce, oneself can choose trade, han Han also expressed same point of view when accepting media to interview, think a lot of outstanding person that create rise from the first second that be born, should be a businessman, should be the market, issue that considers commercial get one’s own back for investor, partner. Below commercial interest drive, guo Jingming people direct a dream to you still can last? Good work just can speak.

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