Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Actor splash just is exposed to the sun to divorce the wife borrows money to end marriage actively because of its frequency

20220303120108 6220ae0484151

Occupy Taiwan media 3 days to report, actor splash just announces to go bankrupt because of be in debt, good friend today (3 days) confirm he and wife had divorced. It is reported, splash just and wife Huang Min are wide marry old, because be overcome splash just is outer lend money everywhere, active Xiang Peng just just puts forward to divorce, two people had signed early also 2019 end marriage concerns. Message of splash just divorce, according to beside friend discloses to this print, owing huge debt black hole is the last a small incident that touches off a big one that causes a divorce. Friend discloses, splash just is immersed in disturbance 16 years ago, at that time wife for repay a debt, do not accompany him to face from what do not abandon, husband and wife two good overshoot not easily marital crisis, think splash just can bring a share at this point formerly a bit, before thinking a few years however because lent money, indebted be as high as 240 million yuan (the RMB is made an appointment with 54.02 million) , be those who destroy 30 old marriage advocate because of. Friend expresses, splash just wife is the divorce put forward to ask 2019, the divorce that finish signs after formalities, splash just moves a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, move atelier to live alone, husband and wife does not have be mixed completely after two divorces, after with respect to Lian Peng just announces divorce message exposure, wife is not willing completely also to face medium, hold agent concurrently to handle the work on his debt and job by young son.

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